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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Making the Most of Photoshop

Yanik Chauvin Photography

I know that many of my readers have blogs of their own, and many more use Photoshop, whether they have a blog or not.  We all take photographs at some point or another in our life, and Photoshop has been, for me, the bridge between a boring or lousy photograph and one that is simply incredible.  Being the perpetual lifetime student that I am, I have become passionate about photography and learning Photoshop almost as much as Fine Art and painting.  It is the creative process that draws me in (no pun intended - ha ha).


Well, for all you Photoshop creatives out there - Moms taking pictures of your children, Dads taking pictures of your camping trip, and everyone else inbetween - I've discovered the source of video and written tutorials that are easy to understand and remember after you take part in them - Yanik's Photo School.  Yep, he's the best.  When I discovered him about a week ago I was hooked.  I watched video after video after video and amazingly, not only did I easily learn how to do what he was teaching, but I remembered it.  That was the amazing thing about his videos - I remembered them after watching them and could apply what I had learned to my own images.  I'm hooked.  I've got a bad case of Yanik Chauvin Photo School Tutorials.  I love him.  Don't tell Big Bear, okay? 


I am so hooked on these video tutorials in fact, that I have created a page just for Yanik here on Raisin Toast.  I thought, what better place to store all the videos that I have watched and found useful but right here, where my readers can also learn what I have learned and also visit Yanik's site for more useful information. 


Going forward, as I learn new things from Yanik, I will be adding them to his page.  I'm sure that eventually I will have an entire section devoted just to Yanik's tutorials.  At this rate, I can see that happening already.  He is just, well - you know - awesome!  Did I tell you I love Yanik?

Yanik He makes it all look so easy. 

If you go to my Photography section and look in the right sidebar, you will see an image link titled "My Favorite Photoshop Video Tutorials."  That's Yanik.  The best.  The greatest Photoshop teacher of all time.  Oh, and one hell of a professional photographer as well I'll have you know.

And to all my readers out there who took the time to read this post and now know about the most awesome Photoshop teacher of all time, I have a little surprise for you ...


How about Photoshop CS4 for your very own to celebrate this new learning adventure we're on?

Just answer these questions in the comments ...

Do you use Photoshop to improve your images?  If so, what tool do you use the most and why?

WE HAVE A WINNER!  Thank you to all who entered!  I counted all of the qualified comments ... in other words, there were 16, because my "replies" are not counted.  Only the first-level comments are counted.  So, after counting and re-counting - and re-counting, there are 16 first-level qualified comments and the winner of Photoshop CS4 is ...


#14 - and who might that lucky person be?  Well, from what I can see, that lucky winner is ...

Patricia Ann Marks!  CONGRATULATIONS PATRICIA!  You are the proud recipient of the exciting and indispensable Photoshop CS4!  I know you are going to love it.  Good grief, I don't even have CS4 yet.  You'll have to tell me how you like it after you've had a chance to play around with it a bit. 

Patricia wrote the following:


Contact me at susan@raisin-toast.com to claim your prize, and be sure to provide me with your shipping information.

Thanks everyone! 

Don't forget to check out Yanik's Videos!

Note: SusieQ sponsored this giveaway on Raisin Toast.  Since I love Photoshop and can't live without it, it was easy for me to offer this gift to you - Photoshop is awesome!  


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