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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I've Got An App For That!


Who would've thought that you could be an iPhone artist?  Sure you can!  You just have to have fast fingers and a good eye for color and detail.  The iPhone is your canvas, so you can paint virtually anywhere.  Imagine making tiny paintings on your iPhone screen with a rather inexpensive application called "Brushes."  I know, I never would have believed it either, but I have that app on my iPhone and started playing with it when I couldn't sleep last night.  We were having a nasty thunderstorm and so I sat up in bed and played with my iPhone wanting to further investigate the capabilities of "Brushes." 


One thing is for sure, I am not an iPhone artist - at least not yet.  My work would look something like this.  I haven't figured out how to change the color of my canvas and so it is always turquoise.  So, I drew a picture of my laptop and my lap desk on my iPhone.  It was a lame and discouraging attempt to be an artist on an electronic device.  Now, I have to admit, there are some pretty cool electronic devices out there that an artist can use to create some amazing artwork - like the "Wacom Clintiq" and "Painter" by Corel.  You can actually create art that looks as if you created it on real canvas with real watercolors, pastels, or oils.  And, it is a whole lot easier to clean up the mess.


As a matter of fact, you wouldn't believe how many children's book illustrations are created on electronic devices rather than real paper or canvas.  Take this wonderful illustration by Maurie J. Manning.  She paints using the software "Painter" by Corell and the Wacom Clintiq. 

Still, although the electronic alternatives to the "real thing" are interesting, fun, and serve their purpose in the publishing world, especially illustration, I'm not sure I would want to frame a blown up electronic painting on my walls.


Painting on the iPhone has received a lot of attention lately.  The New Yorker recently had an image by iPhone Artist Jorge Columbo on its cover.  Check out the image above.

And, to mesmerize you further, here is a video of Jorge capturing the scene for the New Yorker cover on his iPhone:

And here is a story that was recently on ABC about the iPhone Brushes application:

Check this out too, you'll be fascinated ...

However interesting it is, I think I am going to stick to pen, paper, pencils, charcoal, pastels, paints, canvas, and real brushes ... at least for now. On the other hand, when I'm out tooling around, I suppose I wouldn't mind painting something ridiculous on my iPhone.



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