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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Teacher Vision and Busy Autumn Fingers


I love Teacher Vision.  I can count on them to send me great newsletters filled with information and projects for my children.  I can count on them to provide me with a slew of assignments, subjects, and reading for me and my children.  It is a great website and I recommend it not only for homeschooling parents, but for certified teachers too!  


I received their newsletter in my email today and it included a free packet of Autumn Activities & Lesson Plans for children in grades K - 6.  I thought "What fun!" and opened it up and discovered a lot of great things to keep my boys busy and I started right away.


Today, after my boys completed their History assignments, I sent them outside to collect some healthy, green leaves from a few of the trees we have in our yard.  Then in a few weeks, I will have them gather a few more leaves from the same trees.  Then a few weeks later the same ... and so on.  I thought it would be interesting for them to see the changes that the leaves go through as they progress into the fall months and then into winter.  


In the Autumn packet, they have included a "Tree Observation Chart" for the children to fill out.  I thought this would be a good opportunity for them to fill out this chart each time they go out and collect leaves from their tree.  I also thought that they could discuss any other changes they might have noticed including why they think these trees go through this stage when the weather gets cooler.

This is a fun project for children who live in areas of the country that experience the change of seasons like we do here in North Carolina, and to inspire you to send your little ones outside to experience this fun project, I have included it here for you to download and share with your little ones!


Download AutumnLessons

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