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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cold Days - Hot Cocoa - What Could Be Better?


Hot Cocoa is the best, and here in the Vaughn home, it is nearly a daily staple.  Sometimes we have it for breakfast.  Sometimes we have it in the afternoon while we are working.  Sometimes we make a huge batch after dinner and we watch a movie together as a family with a fire in the fireplace and everyone in their jammies with a big mug of hot cocoa.  What could be better?

Well, I'll tell ya - on the 3rd day of Christmas (In our 21 days of Christmas giving here on Raisin Toast), my true love gave to you ...

Bialetti Hot Chocolate Maker just for you?  But wait ... WSGingerbreadMugs
How about 4 Gingerbread mugs to go with that cocoa maker?

I mean, you have to have cocoa mugs for the delicious hot cocoa you're going to be making.

What?  Did you say something was missing?  Huh?  

Well - ex - cuuuusssse Me!  I forgot the cocoa!!!!



Isn't life grand?  I think so too.  Especially since I suffer from a serious addiction problem - Chocolate - in any shape or form.  From donuts to Hershey bars to delicious Hot Cocoa (with whole milk for the real stuff) - it is the little things in life (and chocolate) that make it so grand.

It is all about family traditions too.  Big Bear and I didn't really start to build family traditions together until after we had Sarah.  I think she was about 2 years old when we realized that there were some things that we enjoyed doing together, like fires in the fireplace on cold winter nights, curling up together with hot cocoa and a good movie, family game night so I can lose at Monopoly for the hundredth time.  Whatever it is that you do together, cherish the moments.  They come and go in a flash.  By building family traditions, we give something special to our children - memories - what could be warmer?  

Well, maybe a cup of hot cocoa to go with your next family memory.

All you have to do is answer the question below in the comments.  That's it!  The winner for today's prize will be chosen on Saturday.  One winner per contest will be chosen.

Here are the rules:

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The "1" winner for today's prize will be chosen on Saturday.  Actually, the winner for each giveaway will be chosen the first Saturday following each contest.  

There is only one prize per day and one winner per contest.

Answer the following 2 questions in the comments below:

What family traditions do you remember from your childhood?

What traditions are you building with your own family?

Note:  I do not know anyone at Bialetti.  I just love their hot chocolate maker and I purchased it at Williams & Sonoma together with the hot cocoa mix and mugs.  They make a great holiday gift and I enjoy passing these great things on to my readers.  So - I sponsored this giveaway (and Santa of course).  

That's it! 



Congratulations to Maureen!


There were 25 comments. Winner is #18: Maureen K.