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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Holidays! - A Giveaway for Artists!



CONGRATULATIONS to Miriam Hughes!  You are the winner of The Painter's Key's Book!

It is that time of year ... time to give to others and enjoy the spirit of the season.  I am having a giveaway just for you!



The Painter's Keys - by Robert Genn.  Love this man and artist.  I subscribe to his twice weekly newsletter and enjoy it very much.  He has a sense of humor and wit that adds a smile to every one I read.



In this book, Robert Genn, one of Canada's most collected and popular artists,  has an art workshop and he takes us on this very entertaining journey, while all the time keeping the repartee moving forward with hundreds of ideas for his fellow artists, many are as original as the man himself -- ideas that inspire and propel every artist who reads this book to be a better artist!



Just like his newsletters, he shares a repoertoire rich in quotations, methods for paintings and preparing one's mind for painting, techniques to make your life easier and your paintings more interesting, insider information, and all the while he sets your creative juices flowing so that all you want to do is get back in the saddle ... oh, I mean "back to the easel."  



One thing that sets Robert Genn apart from other artists and writers, is his love for the artist community.  Love for art.  Love for the written word.  He shares them all.  

Everything he shares is a gift to the artist community, and only serves to add value to your principles as an artist, so that you become more creatively effective in your quest to be the best artist you can be.



Every artist should have a copy of this book in their library - and read it with enthusiasm.  You will walk away a better artist.  It is a brilliant book from a brilliant man and fellow artist - Robert Genn.

For this contest, just share in the comments your answer to this question:

What do you love most about being an artist?

That's it!  One winner will be chosen on Wednesday, December 4th!