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June 23, 2008

Dang those talking Appliances

Dsc_0001 Have you ever thought about just how many appliances you own that talk back?  Well, I'm thinkin' about it now.  I went to my kitchen to find something to eat.  I opened the Refrigerator and after 5 seconds I hear "beep - beep - beep"  I want to tell it to "Shut up for goodness sakes! I'm not done lookin" I find my leftovers, put them in a dish and nuke it in the microwave.  While it is cooking every nutritious organism out of existence, and I am pouring a glass of iced tea, I hear "beeeeeep - beeeeeep"  I knew the fridge wasn't still open, and then I heard "bleep-bleep-bleep-bleep"  I'm lookin' around the kitchen, scratching my head, trying to ignore it, scratching my head some more. "bleep-bleep-bleep-bleep"  "beeeeeep - beeeeeep"  I find the source of the annoyance - the dishwasher that won't shut up unless you open the stinkin' thing and then close it.  It will beep every 5 minutes till the cows come home if you don't open the door.  The other beepin' was my microwave letting me know my meal was nuked to death.   

Dsc_0005 It seems like I hear beeping all the time and they are all starting to wear on my nerves.  What the heck is it anyway?  The fridge? dishwasher? microwave?  washing machine? dryer? dog? fire alarm?  Does anyone have a gun specifically for beeping appliances?   The next time we buy an appliance I want to see the non-beeping selection.

Happy Holidays

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