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June 20, 2008

Our Home


This is my story - the ugly truth about redecorating, remodeling, reconstruction, painting, moving, and more. I have yet to live in a house that was “finished.” There is no such thing. There is always something to be done and never enough money to do it. I envy people who have their home exactly as they want it. What am I doing wrong?

This is my home, like it or not, it has been the Money Pit. Every house I have ever lived in has needed renovation and it has been a nightmare. This blog chronicles my life - our life - remodeling and renovating this house and a few others before, and how we have survived the process.

I thought I might throw in a few extra pages too, on gardening (if there is any), digging up trees, planting trees (like the 2am project we had several years ago when Bob called me a wimp because I couldn't get the 800 lb sucker into the stinkin' hole in the ground while Bob was busy in the Bobcat)  I don’t quite know who will want to read this, but here it is just the same.

So welcome to my home. This is a chaotic household of 6 and sometimes I wonder how I got here. When I reflect back on my life, my experiences, and my homes, there is so much to think about it gives me a headache, so I decided to chronicle some of it here.

I am an almost 50-something mother of 4 and grandmother too! I am also a wife, a caregiver, daughter, sister, artist, teacher, writer, friend, and former motorcycle mama. Former because I can’t see well enough anymore to throw my leg over a Harley and not risk becoming a permanent part of the pavement.

I haven’t quite decided if I want this place to be just about my home improvement nightmare, or about it all - the down and dirty life story that brought me here. I suppose I will figure it out as I go. Thus, begins Raisin Toast, a story that depicts my life in a nutshell. My life seems to be a hodgepodge of lots of things that somehow came together to form a cozy quilt of crazy stories.

Enjoy the read.


Happy Holidays

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