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June 26, 2008

Things I hate


I've been to a number of blogs that have "My Favorite Things," and while that is all nice and good and sweet, I have to admit that in the normal course of my day I discover more things that piss me off than things that are my "favorite."  So welcome to my "least favorite things" where reality and retail hit the wall. 

Who is the fool that dreamed up fancy granite for countertops?  Now, make that double-stupid.  Who is the fool that thought to put fancy granite countertops in tiles with grout between them that can never get clean?  Think about it people - anyone out there have granite countertops with all those white, beige, brown, black, multi-colored speckles everywhere?  Now, how many of you can tell if it is really dirty or do you just scrub the heck out of it every time you pass thru the kitchen?  When I clean up the kitchen, I have to take a razor blade and scrape it across the countertop or I'll end up leaving crusty crap on it from God knows what.  What's worse is that our countertop is in 12" tiles with about a 1/4-1/2" grout division between them to collect everything from Ecoli to Salmonella so not only does our countertop never look clean, it never really "is" clean.  We did not put this in our house and I am daggone anxious to replace this ugly, disgusting, dirty-lookin', ugly (oh did I say that already?) dang-nam-it, frustrate-me-to-the-knuckles countertop. 

Hard to believe that a countertop could upset a civilized sweet mom like me isn't it?  Well let me tell ya, if you had to clean that piece of stoney crap every day, you'd be cussin' too.  My remodeled kitchen can't come soon enough.

Happy Holidays

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