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November 21, 2008

So What Do You Do On A Cold Fall Day?

DSC_2364.jpg by you.

I promise you this, as much as I am enjoying this delicious fire that my Big Bear built for me this morning, I am not enjoying what I am doing in the family room right now.  Put it this way - what I am doing is absolutely the last thing on earth I want to do.  I'd rather be digging a hole in the front yard, or raking leaves, or doing laundry!  But what I am doing is, unfortunately, a fact of life, and it seems to only get worse as I get older.  Have any idea what it is yet?  C-mon - you can guess! 

DSC_2358.jpg by you.

Paperwork.  That dreaded pile of crap that accumulates to mountainous proportions in a matter of days.  So, if weeks go by and I've neglected the "pile" then I have a real problem on my hands.  And as you can see from the 2 trays, the box with the lid taped "up" so that the papers and the bills don't fall out, and the unseen drawer in the kitchen that can hardly be opened - ya think I need to do some paperwork and get organized?

DSC_2361.jpg by you.

If only this pile would stay this small.<

DSC_2360.jpg by you.

I've got a system going on here.  A system that I devised all by myself this morning to help with the panic that sets in when I have to face the dreaded "pile."  I took some 3x5 cards and folded them in half and labeled each "organized pile" so that it would be easier to go through them later.  Yes, soon - later, not next year - later.  Do ya like my plan of action?  I thought it was sorta clever.  I can enjoy the fire and do what I hate all in one fell swoop.

DSC_2362.jpg by you.

As you can see, my piles are getting taller.  Fortunately for me, I have 2 adorable little boys who have been helping me attack the pile of paper that has been invading our house.  All I have to do is tell them what pile to put it in and they do their job quite well.  I'm so proud of my boys.  They can read words like "Bills" "Receipts" "Medical" and "Banking" with ease.

DSC_2359.jpg by you.

Even Adolf is concerned that he is going to be run out of the family room if these piles gravitate any further across the room.  "Mom, we have a fire hazard here."

DSC_2363.jpg by you.

Yes, I'd have to say that the piles are spreading like wildfire across our family room floor.  But hey!  I'm motivated people!  I have little tags that are easy to read and identify what's in each pile!  This is a first for me.  I'm so clever - if I must say so myself.  The only thing I hate is finding that long lost bill that - uh - did we owe this?  oops.

DSC_2333.jpg by you.

Even our bluebird friend, who is desperate to get in our house on a regular basis, was amazed at the piles of paper accumulating on our family room floor.  He just had to get a closer look.  (No kidding)  You'll just have to read about one of his previous visits HERE.

DSC_2334.jpg by you.

Bluebird: "Dang lady, that is one big pile of paper you're building in there.  Is that supposed to be a new architectural design for nesting?"

Me: "Ol, go away Mr. Bluebird, and stop peeking in my windows will ya!!!"



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