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July 01, 2009

Baked Bird's Nest for a Summer Morning Breakfast


This has got to be the most interesting breakfast I've seen yet, and of course, that's because Beth's culinary skills have no limitations. Talk about delicious, nutritious, and a perfect way to start your summer morning.


The Main Ingredients:

If you are just making this breakfast for yourself, you will want:

2 eggs
2 slices of whole wheat bread (soft sandwich bread is fine too)
2 Tbs. Butter
Salt & Pepper to taste

If you like cheesy eggs ...

Sprinkle the tops with grated cheddar, monterery jack, or pepper jack cheese a couple of minutes before removing from oven.


The recipe calls for 2 Tbs. of butter, but I'm only making two here, so I am melting just 1 Tbs. this morning.


Yep, that would be 1 Tbs. of butter. Melt this in the microwave and then set it aside for a minute.


Trim the crusts from your soft sandwich bread. Use the 40 calorie stuff if you are carb conscious.



And here you have the good ol' cooking spray that I couldn't live without. And what is that in the background? Do I need a new muffin pan?


Gently push the slices into your muffin pan that you have coated with cooking spray.


Until they look like this. Push them down into the cups firmly and try not to tear the bread.


Use your melted butter to brush the edges and insides of the bread cups.


Oh My! This is out of focus!! Well, that's what your eggs will look like - fitting nicely into the bread cups (or Bird's nests!). As the recipe states, a bit of egg white may overflow. Don't worry too much about this. If you like, you can use a medium egg.


Bake at 375 degrees for approximately 15 minutes. They will look slightly opaque on top but they will be done, as you will see in the pictures below.


With a knife, loosen the bread from the sides of the muffin tin. It will come out very easily.


Just like this! tweet - tweet.


Set your table out on your patio, or wherever you like to enjoy a special and fun breakfast with the morning paper, some hot coffee, and a cold glass of Florida orange juice!  Oh, and the strawberries on the side make this the perfect breakfast.


Season with salt and pepper.


I don't know about you, but I'm ready to savor every bite of this delicious breakfast.


Done perfectly.  Now, everyone's oven is different, and everyone likes their eggs a certain way as well. If you like them less "done" then shorten the baking time by a couple of minutes.


I think I like them just like this.


I really think I like them like this.


Yep, I liked it like that!  Enjoy!!!!

Happy Holidays

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