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July 24, 2009

Jalapeno and Sundried Tomato Twice Baked Potatoes


For a nice, not so heavy, vegetarian, summer dinner, Beth whipped up a delicious jalapeno and sundried tomato twice baked potatoes, and now you can too! 


Start with the humble out of focus baking potato. Beth's buying a tripod tomorrow.


Veg-ing out tonight. Here are the simple ingredients: (This recipe feeds 2 people)

1 Baking Potato
Cooking spray
Coarse (Kosher) salt
Small, fresh jalapeno pepper
1tbs. butter
2 tbs. low fat milk
1/3 cup diced gouda cheese
1/4 cup of chopped sundried tomatoes
salt & pepper to taste


Love that cooking spray! Coat the potato with cooking spray, sprinkle with coarse salt and bake in a preheated 400 degree oven for 45 minutes to an hour or until nicely done.


Then, when it comes out of the oven ...


slice the potato in half horizontally and look out! It's hot! Let is cool for a few minutes until you can handle it.


Scoop out the potato and leave the shells looking something like this.


Mash the potato with the butter and milk. Now, I call for limited use of butter in the recipe. But you can use what you want, a couple of tablespoons along with the milk. I was just trying to be good on the day I created this recipe by using only 1 Tbs.


When you have that mashed, add the chopped sundried tomatoes, the jalapenos, and the diced gouda cheese, along with salt and pepper to taste.


Fill the potato shells with equal amounts of this mixture and sprinkle good ole' paprika over the top for a nice color.


Like so ...


When you remove them from the oven, they should be looking like this, beautifully done, kind of gooey from the melted Gouda, and spicy and yummy.


Uh huh.  Really yummy.


Just add salad dressing!  For a nice, not so heavy, vegetarian, summer dinner. :-)

Now, for more delicious meals that are healthy too, you've gotta get Beth's cookbook! Just click the widget below.  Your tummy will thank you and so will everyone you cook for!

Happy Holidays

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