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September 25, 2009

My Dream House


You know what I miss about Maryland?  The rolling hills and the beautiful countryside.  As for people, though, I love Charlotte.  I love our home here in Charlotte, don't get me wrong, we have a beautiful home, but there was just something about where we lived in Maryland that was beautiful horse country.  It was peaceful.  Anyway, in Maryland, at least our home had landscaping in front.  It took us 4 years to get green grass, irrigation, a new driveway and sidewalk, a new drainage system, having the entire home interior painted, new carpeting, yada, yada, yada, and I am hoping it won't take us another 4 years to complete the money pit we've invested so much of our lives to make a home. 

I will say this, though - I have a thing for creamy yellow Georgian colonials with brisk white trim and black shutters.  They take my breath away.  Of course, we have the Georgian colonial, but it is going to take a hard sell (and a job) to convince my Big Bear to have the entire house painted.  I mean the whole dang thing.  Whattaya think?  I turned on my computer this afternoon and found an email from Creig Northrop Realtors in Maryland (they sold our house for us when we moved to North Carolina), and I like to see what's going on up there on our home turf.  That's when I saw this for sale ... Think our home would look as nice as this if we painted the exterior? ...


Feel free to click on any of these pictures for a closer look.  Isn't this house GORGEOUS?!!!  OMG.  I want it.  Look at the landscaping - the creamy yellow exterior - the white trim - the black shutters - the - the - the - the boxwoods and rich dark brown mulch.  Why are these people selling this home?  Are they nuts?!!!


Or how about this deck and flawless backyard?  This backyard looks exactly like ours here in North Carolina except for a few minor details.  Like, our deck is about to collapse and needs to be rebuilt - entirely.  Or, we don't have grass anymore in the backyard.  Or, oh, forget it.  I can dream can't I?


Or how about this walk out basement and gorgeous green striped side yard.  Beautiful I tell ya.


Now this is magnificent.  I want the breakfast table and chairs.  I love the valances, the fixtures, the yellow walls.


Or how about this kitchen.  It makes me want to cook, in an apron and a dress.  But the breakfast area is definitely what I love.  Think they'd sell me the breakfast table and chairs?


Can't you just feel the cool breezes blowing through the trees while you are lounging and reading on the deck?  Doesn't it make you wonder why they are selling this house?  I mean, while reading a book and sunning on the deck, did the husband suddenly say "Dollface, how about we sell this dump and move somewhere else?  I'm tired of the good life, the perfect exterior, the magnificent decorating, the custom drapes, the pool table, and cutting the perfect, weed-free, yard.  How about we move - to - uh - Charlotte, North Carolina?  We could buy that house that needs so much work in Weddington, or better yet, why don't we just trade with the Vaughn's.  Seems fair to me." 


The woman of the house must be an interior decorator.  I wonder if she would come to my house and redecorate it for me?  Of course, I would have to pay her, and I'd have to be able to afford new furniture, new draperies, and a demolition team to build in window seats like the one under her bay window.  Or, maybe I should just buy a lotto ticket and then if I win, I'll move back to Maryland.  With my family of course!


Now I could get used to this.  I love the colors in this Master bedroom.  Didn't the decorator have exquisite taste?  Why is it that I can always pick out colors that I love and recognize good taste in decorating, but when it comes to my home I shut down?  I haven't got a clue where to start or even how to start to decorate.  I think decorating is an extension of the uterus.  Why you ask?  Well, I'll tell ya.  I used to have good taste and I used to have a uterus.  I used to have a beautiful home interior and I used to have a uterus.  I used to be able to decorate with style and class and ease, but now I'm, uh ... without style, class, and ease.  Nope, can't ease into anything.  Then they took out my uterus and all attachments heretofore and my home went to hell. So, I figure that the decorating mechanism is somehow a function of the uterus.


Big Bear could retreat to his study.  I love a home with a study.  Ours does not have one.  We converted one of our bedrooms into a home office instead.  And these people are smart - they have a Mac.  We're Mac folks here too.  One of these days, when I have nothing better to write about, I'll have to post before and after pictures of our home office that I just cleaned and organized.  What a nightmare.  I'll wait at least a year before I post those pictures so as not to scare anyone off after seeing these pictures.


Sarah would love this green.  I love a room with color on the walls.  This is a little girl's dream room with my favorite thing - a window seat again.


And a bar, and a pool table, and the brick, and the hardwoods ...


Yep, I love a home that is tastefully done, and this one in Glenelg, Maryland will only set you back $1,125,000.  Makes me "almost" want to move back to Maryland. Emphasis on "almost."  We paid half the price for a lot more headaches I'll have you know, and in another 10 years, our house too will look like this - just in time for us to sell it.


Of course, that ain't nothin' a lot of creamy yellow paint won't cure, and landscaping, and hardwoods, and a new remodeled kitchen, and a new deck, and a hell of a lot more grass seed, and custom drapes, and new furniture, and, and, and ....  

P.S. If anyone ends up buying this house and you found it on this blog, you had better tell Creig Northrop to pay me a finder's fee or I'm going to have to go to Maryland carrying a tennis racket - and not for playing tennis either.  Maybe I should start selling real estate on the side.  Naaah, I'd have to move back to Maryland for that.


Happy Holidays

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