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November 10, 2010

Oh deer!


Note that I did not get this deer's permission to post his picture on my site!!  He was not very cooperative about putting his hoof print on the notebook pad I presented him.  Oh well.  Now on with this story ...

Occasionally, in this North Carolina forest surrounding us, will wander a deer onto our yard.  In this case, it was a baby deer, and he certainly looked like Bambi.

I love North Carolina.  We have the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains within an hour of our home to the west, and the beautiful North Carolina shore within several hours to our east. 

In between are the most beautiful pine trees and mature oaks and poplar, fields of green and beautiful countryside.


But it is the nature that surrounds us that inspires me.  We don't have as many deer here in NC as we did in Maryland - thank goodness - because at one point or another, we all have hit head on a deer on the road. 

I managed to hit a 4-point buck who jumped out of nowhere, creamed the front end of my car, green goo and cracks all over the windshield, and my car, although only going about 30 mph because of the pouring rain, stopped dead in its tracks.  I was surprised the car behind me did not hit me.

I thought for sure I had had a head on collision.  My airbag ignited, and the children in the back seat in their karate gear were upset and crying and scared.


I honestly did not know what had happened and all I cared about was the children.  I turned around in my seat frantically checking on the children.  They were upset, but everyone was okay.

I got out of the car and sure enough, beneath my front driver's side wheel, and crammed up beneath my car was a huge 4-point buck.  I was shaking.  I called Big Bear and he came to the scene immediately.

We had our car towed to the house and called (whoever you call) to get the deer.

I was glad to be home and so relieved in a way only a mother can understand, that my children were well and not hurt by the accident.  I hugged them close when I put them to bed.

The next morning, we were passing by the accident scene.  The sun was shining.  As we approached the curve where I had had my accident, we saw the deer on the side of the road - headless.


Now who, in their right mind, would approach a dead deer on the side of the road and cut off its head?  A sick person that's who!!!  And I'll bet that head is mounted on this sick person's wall too.  Sick I'll tell ya.  Sick. 


Well, that's my deer story and I'm stickin' with it.  Nice huh?

But, this little guy who strolled across our yard today was pretty darn adorable.  Dumb but cute.



Happy Holidays

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