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January 26, 2011

Not A Clean House 'Yet' But I'm Richer For Tryin'!

Have you heard of Krrb?  I love Krrb.  It's a much nicer website than Craig's list, a lot easier to use than eBay, and there are no fees.  Free.  You heard me - Free.  Their concept is to set up your own curb corner and clean out your house, selling your "stuff" on your "krrb" and making it easy for your neighbors to find your curb sale.  So it really is almost like having a yard sale of sorts.  Cool idea!


I'm a member of BurdaStyle and discovered Krrb when I noticed they were both, together, having a contest on BurdaStyle - so I entered.


I set up my Krrb at http://krrb.com/susieq and decided, first, to sell a piece of workout equipment and my cutting table (still on the market if you're interested), and then also list my creative corner stuff - like the dolls I make, and the handbags, and the bibs I love to make.  Then I thought "Well, why stop there, I might as well add at least a few of my paintings."  And so I did.

I like my Krrb.  More importantly, I like it better now that I discovered this morning that although I didn't win the grand prize of the Singer Sewing Machine and the 200 dollars, I was one of the 5 Honorable Mention winners of 50 dollars!  Woohoo!  I love that when that happens.

Krrb is for neighbors, and second-handers, crafters, collectors, designers, artisanal food-makers and common folks. Think of Krrb as an online garage sale, block sale, flea market and local classifieds all wrapped into one.  I love my little Krrb in Charlotte.  And I like it more now that I won 50 bucks!!  

Thank you Krrb and BurdaStyle!  I recommend that all my readers open a Krrb and clean out your house.  It's fun!


Happy Holidays

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