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May 09, 2011

Singer Is Sew Very Easy - And A Gift For You Too!


Did you have a good Mother's Day weekend?  I sure did and I want to share it with you.  First of all, my son, Matthew, helped me clean the whole house before the weekend.  That was his Mother's Day gift to me. 


It all began Saturday.  I invited some friends and neighbors over for a sewing party courtesy of Singer Sewing Machines, Simplicity Patterns, JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts, BurdaStyle, and Martha Stewart.  They asked if I would hostess a Houseparty and demonstrate the new Singer Confidence sewing machine and they would provide all the party favors and goodies - including the sewing machine!


The party box was filled to the brim with goodies.  I had streamers and pom-poms from Martha Stewart.  I had patterns from Simplicity, measuring cards from BurdaStyle, 4 yards of colorful fabric, project instructions, thread, and more - all for 16 guests. 


I had to have the party on Mother's Day weekend, so I was a bit concerned that not many of my friends would be able to show up, but fortunately, I had a good turnout and we all had a blast.


I added extensions to my dining table in our eat-in kitchen area and set it up with the new Singer Confidence sewing machine, my 5 y/o Pfaff 2124, and my 19 y/o Kenmore 150, that way everyone would have a chance to sew and share the machines and try out the new Singer Confidence.


I had prepared all the fabric for our project before the party and everyone brought goodies to munch on.  Big Bear also prepared a shrimp platter and cucumber salad and other delectibles for the ladies.  He's such a good bear.


We all made the same project, a roll up organizer for makeup, pencils, whatever you want!  It was easy and fun and everyone went home with a goodie bag, patterns, coupons, and more.  It was wonderful girl-time - something that I needed desperately.


I don't get enough girl-time, and having a few hours to laugh, converse, share, sew, and eat was definitely what I needed to start my Mother's Day weekend off with a bang.


This is Elaine - I couldn't drag her from that new Singer Confidence sewing machine if I wanted to.  She loved it and was quick to figure out all the decorative stitches it offered - 69 including button holes. 


I have to admit that I was very impressed with the size and quality of the machine.  I was also impressed with the ease of use and the quality of the presser feet and accessories. 


I don't know about you, but I like presser feet that are solid, shiny, and heavy.  There is just something about them that speaks of quality.  This machine has it all.


It does not do embroidery, but that's not the point.  What it does is provide you with a great machine to quilt or make clothes or draperies or work with upholstery.  You can make anything you want - dolls and handbags too!  It has a nice sturdy engine and I was impressed with the ease at which it sewed through heavier fabric.


By the time the party was winding down, not only had we all enjoyed the conversation and time together, but I had sold the machine to my friend - can you guess who?


You got it - Elaine.  I was so happy for her.  I passed on my hostess discount to her gladly and she got the machine for a song.  She was in love with it from the get-go and I can't blame her, it is a beautiful machine.  Everyone loved it!


I told her, of course, that this means she is going to have to bring it over regularly to sew with me.  I had so much fun that I've decided to put together a quilting circle.  Maybe a monthly get together.  I think we all need time with friends, don't you?


As for Mother's Day, I had a clean house, happy kids, a happy hubby, and a nice long afternoon nap.  Hugs and kisses from family, good wishes from friends, calls from my older daughters, and a special gift of a n.a.p. blanket from Brookstone and 2 Nicholas Sparks books from my daughter, Kimberly, in Arkansas.  I wished my own mother a Happy Mother's Day and praised God I still have her in my life.  All in all it was a perfect weekend. - and Elaine was still sewing :)


Would you like the goodie bag I shared with all my friends who attended my party?  Simply answer the questions below in the comments and you could win the goodie bag that all my guests received at my Singer Sew Very Easy Party!  I had a number of them left over and I want to share them with my readers!

How was your Mother's Day weekend? 

Did you do anything special? 

Do you sew and have a sewing machine?

What brand of sewing machine is your favorite?

I'd love to hear from you!  This is my Mother's Day Gift to you - my readers - for making my year and my life so remarkable. 

By the end of this week I will contact everyone who has won a goodie bag filled with patterns, thread, coupons, and more!

"By the way, the goodies are provided by Singer, Simplicity, JoAnn Fabrics, BurdaStyle, Martha Stewart, and Me!"

* * * * *

And the winners are:

(1) Willa; (4) Thadia; (5) Sandra Davidson; (6) Barbara - and you'll have to get yourself a machine!; (8) Kim - it's time to pull out that Janome Sweetie!; (9) Kayla; (10) Sara

Thank you everyone!  Please email me at [email protected] with your mailing address so that I can get your goodie bag in the mail!


Happy Holidays

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