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Friday, June 06, 2008

Baseball Painting

Baseballpainting6_3 Why not?  I love Baseball and I have a lot of reference photos for paintings too.  Having a son in Little League helps a lot, so does going to the park and watching the majors.  Love it - love it - love it.  So, with baseball hat on backwards, I have pulled out a blank canvas, turned on my iPod, and put down my color notes for a baseball themed painting.  Fun.  I like paintings that are fun.  Hope this one comes out like I imagine.  Comments?

In process:


I know, I know, impossible to see.  All this is is a white canvas with my rough sketch of the composition for the painting.  Yes, I start with a white canvas.  I know that many artists have a real issue with this, but I don't.  I've tried that process of preparing my canvas with burnt sienna or some other tone, but it doesn't work for me.  Next time I do one of these "process" posts, I'll be sure that my sketch is more visible.  Sorry about that folks!


Next step I do is just put down color notes throughout the painting.  Nothing fancy, nothing precise, just "notes" of color that give me more of a visual of where I'm going - or not.  Better known as the "underpainting," this is what I call the "ugly stage." 


I'm still messin' with the underpainting at this point and still putting down color notes.  Again, nothing precise.  Not even the details or real colors are evident.  It's still ugly, and for all I know the finished painting may be ugly too.  I suppose that's just anyone's opinion.  I'm never really happy with my paintings anyway, but heck, I had fun playing in my paint and that's all I care about.


Moving right along, I add a bit more detail and start to build up my layers of oil paint.  I work from "thin-to-fat" which simply means that you build the layers and give them texture.  You should not start with thick paint from the beginning - just slappin' it on like peanut butter slopped on a slice of bread - ew - and that's what your painting will look like - ew.   

At this stage too, you want to step back and look at your values and color choices.  I always ask myself if I think the color notes and values are correct.  Sometimes I will exaggerate certain elements of color to make the painting sing.  I like there to be certain elements of the painting that are impressionistic, and other elements that are kinda-sorta realism.  "Does she or doesn't she? That is the question" - (No she doesn't) you know, that "Nice-n-Easy" kind of painting.  And no, I don't color my hair although I have many friends who tell me I should. 

Tough tooties.  I'm gray and I'm-ah-goin' to stay that way.


Alrighty then, this is pretty much finished.  I like everything but the face of the guy eatin' dirt.  I've really got to do something with that expression of his.  So, I guess this painting isn't finished after all.  When I finish screwin' up his face some more, I'll post it here.  There is always something to irritate me about my paintings, and this is it.  Dagnammit, and the other guy came out so good too. 




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