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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fine Art, Mayor Nancy Anderson, Congresswoman Sue Myrick, and Me


Sunday was a great day.  My girls and I got ourselves dressed and fixed up for the presentation of awards at the Weddington Town Hall.  I was a speaker and presenter at the ceremony of the 2009 Congressional Art Competition sponsored by the U.S. House of Representatives and Congresswoman Sue Myrick of North Carolina.  It was an exciting experience.


I love our town hall.  It is a Victorian home with yellow siding, a front porch and rockers.  The artwork from our county's high school students who had been nominated to participate in this year's competition were scattered about the walls and the room. 


There were sunflowers on a table with refreshments for all, and the spirit was high.  A spring breeze off the back patio was enjoyed as we browsed the artwork.  Of course, I didn't check the settings on my camera and ended up with a blurry image of these beautiful sunflowers.  Darn.


Congresswoman Sue Myrick presented the awards to the Top 3 winners.  Pictured here left-to-right is Sue Myrick, Mayor Nancy Anderson, Artist and 3rd place winner - Megan B., and guests.


I spoke to the guests about the choices I had made as a judge, what I looked for in each piece, and what drew me to a specific artwork.  The light coming in from the back patio was terrible for taking pictures, but wonderful for the breeze!  In this picture, Mayor Nancy Anderson is holding the artwork by Caroline G. entitled "Sister Sarah."  The piece is done entirely with words. I am the presenter.  Next to me is Congresswoman Sue Myrick showing interest in this piece.  Behind her is Cathleen Harvey, 1st place winner Natalie Harvey, and Heather Whillier - District Scheduler for U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick.


I was in good company, and if I may say so myself, I think all 3 of us ladies can be proud of our lives, our families, our contributions to the community, and so much more.  I can't help but look at this picture with pride.  To the left is Mayor Nancy Anderson.  Here is a woman who has truly made a positive difference in our community.   She served in the military for 20 years and retired in 1998 as a Lt. Colonel after a focused career on disaster preparedness and medical readiness.  In November 2003, she was elected as Mayor of Weddington, and has served ever since.  She is the mother of 4 children and lives with her family on a 60+acre family farm in Union County. 

Congresswoman Sue Myrick has represented North Carolina's 9th Congressional district (map) in the United States House of Representatives since 1995, the first Republican woman to represent North Carolina in the United States Congress

And then there's me.  What can I tell you that you don't already know?  Well, let's see ... I attended Georgetown University in Washington D.C. with a major in International Business and Law.  I attended college as a single mother with 2 daughters and more importantly, learned the value of being self-sufficient during a time when I needed that lesson the most.  You know me as being the mother of 4 great children and the grandmother to a sweet little boy.  I'm married to a big bear who has supported me in following my dreams.  I am an award-winning fine artist in oils and have collectors of my paintings around the world.  I am a writer.  I am the writer of this blog Raisin Toast.  Yep, that's me.  Gray hair and all.


Most importantly, there are the young, talented artists who were recognized for their fine work in this competition - Left-to-right: Congresswoman Sue Myrick, 1st Place winner Natalie H., 2nd Place winner Brooke S., and 3rd Place winner Megan B.  Talented young ladies, don't you think?

It was a pleasure meeting these young, talented artists and their families.  They sure do have a bright future, and I am proud to have been a judge in this competition.  These young artists are very deserving.




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