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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friends & Photoshop Actions


Before we moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, we lived in Woodbine, Maryland on 3 acres in a community of only 15 homes all on about 3 acres each.  It was a nice community and one of the best things about it was our neighbor Lisa and her 2 children, Alison and Conner.  Lisa and I became fast friends and so did Sarah and Alison.  Moving didn't make a difference that much except that we didn't see each other as often.  We've putted our way up and down the interstate to Maryland and back a number of times to see them and they've come to North Carolina to hang out with us too.


Well, about 10 days ago, Alison, Sarah's bestest friend on earth came for a summer visit and although we couldn't afford to do all the things we normally would have done as in past summer visits, they have had a wonderful time together.


Today I took some pictures of the girls and every one of them was great.  I know that theirs is a friendship that is going to last a lifetime and I couldn't be happier for Sarah and Alison.  I, too, have a great friendship with Lisa and know that that too, will last a lifetime.  She is funny, she keeps me grounded, and she is a devoted and dear friend.  I love friends like Lisa, and tomorrow she is flying in, staying the night and flying back on Saturday with Alison.  It's going to be sad to see them go.


The pictures I took of the girls were so good that I decided to find one that I loved (impossible because I loved them all) and then run some actions on it, print it off on HP Photo quality paper, and then frame it and give one each to Alison and Sarah.  Memories of a great summer together and a cherished friendship.

So here's the deal - I can't decide what picture to use and frame for the girls, and so I am going to ask you for your advice.  Which one would you choose?


This is the original SOOC (Straight out of Camera) image.  Following are the color Actions from Totally Rad's Doug Boutwell Action Set and PW's Action Sets 1 & 2 as well.  Doug has got the best Actions ever, and yep, I enjoy using PW's Action Sets too.  I can't imagine ever needing any other Actions ever. I really liked this shot of the girls with Hannah, and I ran some Actions on this picture and want to know which Action you think brings the best out in this shot.  Then, that's the one I am going to use and give to each girl for their end-of-summer gift.


Technicolor Dream World (Totally Rad)


Super Fun Happy (Totally Rad)


Sparta (Totally Rad)


Soft & Faded (PW Action Set)


Rusty Cage (Totally Rad)


Oh Snap! (Totally Rad)


Lux Soft (Totally Rad)


Grunge Rock (Totally Rad)


Fresh & Colorful (PW Action Set)


Bullet Tooth (Totally Rad)


Boutwell Magic Glasses (Totally Rad)


Boost (PW Action Set)

Don't you just love Actions?  I mean, all you have to do is load the Actions into Photoshop, open up your image, click on the Action you want to use and Photoshop takes care of the rest.  Couldn't be easier.  

Now for a number of Black and White Actions that I think are great ...


Sepia Tone (I think this is PW Action Set)


PW's Black & White - Custom 31% Opacity 43% Fill (PW Action Set)


Milk & Cookies Black & White (Totally Rad)


Black & White Beauty + Define & Sharpen (both from PW Action Set)


Brooklyn Black & White (Totally Rad)


Bitchin' Black & White - Custom 80% Opacity (Totally Rad)

And last but not least ...


Awesome Black & White (Totally Rad)

Now do you know why I need help picking the best Action for this picture?  I have lots more actions, but good grief, I had to pick my favorites and that is what you see here.  My girl could not choose which picture they liked best, much less which Action to apply to it, so come on people!  Help me out here!  

The image is going to be printed on Quality Matte Photo Paper and beautifully framed - 8 x 10 for their bedrooms where they can display the picture on their nighttable or dresser.  

I am giving it the Title "Best Friends" and I am going to place the text along the line of the top of the Baby Grand Piano.  Then again, maybe across the bottom centered under Hannah.  Whatta ya think?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.  And this is only 1 of about 100 pictures I took this afternoon and they were all great!  But if I showed you all of the other images (other than the few at the beginning of this post) we'd be here till doomsday.  

Opinions Please!!  Thank you!  All readers who help me choose the winning Image and Action will receive a very wet kiss from Hannah (If you don't know who Hannah is, well, that's the little white fluff ball in the middle.)




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