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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Morning Skraw - Drawing Lesson 5 - Simple Shapes


When I begin to draw, I always begin with simple shapes, observing first the shape of the object I am drawing.  If you confuse your brain with all of the details surrounding what it is you want to draw, you'll end up giving up.  Start small.  Start big.  But start with a shape. 


Today, let's draw a schooner.  I love sailboats and I love schooners.  As a matter of fact, I have just started painting the largest painting I have ever done - 42 x 60 inches.  It is of the sailboat "Maya" tacking off the coast of Cape Cod.  The reference image is beautiful.  I can almost feel the humid breeze through my hair and smell the salty air deep into my lungs.  I am excited about this painting that I am doing and can't wait to show it to you.  But for now, I'm just drawing pictures in my sketchbook and playing around with pencils on this rainy Saturday morning.  Let's begin by drawing a horizontal line.  This will be the width of your boat.  Then draw another line beneath it, not quite as long.  Then connect the two lines as you see in the picture above.


Next, draw the foremast.  When you draw, pay attention to the relationships of each line and each mark you make.  Ask yourself questions when you draw - Is the mast as tall as the boat is wide?  Where is it located?  Is it in the center of the boat?  How far to the left of center is the mast?  How wide is the mast?  Drawing is all about relationships of each line and each mark you make to the last one you made.


Draw the forward boom or bowsprit off the stern of the boat, or whatever that thing is called extended from the back of this sailboat I'm drawing.  Add your birdle and your jib sails.  Add some texture to your drawing, even at this early stage, by adding some shading and pencil values to the sails.


Now draw the top mast and the top sail or fisherman's sail.  Forgive me if I'm not correct on naming the parts of the schooner.  I can only dream of sailing again on one of these babies. 


Next draw the foreboom and the main mast.  I think that's the main mast.  Crap.  Somebody take me sailin' will ya?


Draw a main sail and a foresail.  Add texture and some fun scribbling to your sails and your schooner.


How about we really get fancy and draw a couple of people inside the schooner looking out at us.  Next, add some scribbles in the water to indicate the reflection of the boat and the sails in the water.


We're almost done!  How about adding a landscape in the background, a house or two, some trees and a couple mountains.  There ya go!  Now, let's go sailing!

I want to see some pictures from my readers.  So, when you have an opportunity, please take some pictures of your sketches and send them to me at [email protected]  I'd love to see them and know if my little tutorials here on Saturday are of any value to you all. 

Everyone have  a great weekend! 




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