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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

How to Make Yarn Cards - A Fun Craft!

Ever since I was a child, I have loved making my own cards - greeting cards, gift cards, thank you cards.  I think it makes the thought a lot more personal when the giver takes the time to create something special.  Not that buying a Hallmark card isn't special, it is just the extra personal touch that makes it a keeper I think.  Anyway, I put together a care package for my granddaughter, Reagan McKenzie, and I made a card too.  This is the first time I have made a yarn card, and it was fun!  I wanted to share it with you so that you can try it too.  I even have a downloadable pdf at the end for you to add to your very own craftbook.




I had several rolls of yarn, some Martha Stewart Craft Glue (I like her glue.  It goes on easily, dries clear, and has a screw-on cap that keeps it from drying out), Instructions from my Craft book, pattern, scissors, card-grade paper, ribbon (not in picture) and some stick-on letters. 



This is the pattern I am going to use for the front of the card.



The first thing I did was cut the card stock to the size that I wanted the card.  Then I used carbon paper between the design (I cut it from the pattern sheet) and the card.  I traced over the design with a pencil and gently removed the carbon paper from the top of the card.  If you touch the carbon paper too much it leaves marks on your card and you don't want that.  Use a kneaded eraser to remove any unwanted carbon marks.



I have this paper clipper design from Martha Stewart that I purchased at MIchaels last year and I love it.  It is a versatile pattern.  I lined up the pattern along the bottom of the card and cut it out.  If you go to Michaels Paper Crafts isle you'll find all of Martha's goodies - from these paper clippers with lots of designs, to craft glue and glitter. 



I started at the top of the carriage and made one line of craft glue.  I began adding the yarn to the carriage.



Moving right along.  I added one line of craft glue, added the yarn, added another line of craft glue, then the yarn and so on.  Instead of cutting the yarn at the end of each line, I just turned it.  I thought it would look better that way.



So pretty!  This is fun.  I clipped the end of the yarn when I finished this section of the pattern on the card.



Next I used white yarn and traced around the handle of the carriage and the carriage itself in one fell swoop.  I started at the handle and worked my way back around, tracing the design first with a little bit of craft glue.  Then I cut the white yarn when I reached the handle again.



I worked my way around the rest of the pattern of the carriage.  Then, I made several knots (one on top of the other) in the yarn (for one big knot) and cut it out and glued it in the center of the wheels and at the top center of the carriage.  I peeled off the letters for Reagan's name and placed them with tweezers across the top.  I probably could have centered this better, but "oh well."  Chalk it up to being the first time I have done this type of card.  You'll do better I'm sure.





Then I added little embellishments that I had left over from my baby boutique days.  If you go to Michaels, you'll find that you can spend hours in their embellishment isles (Yes, isle"s").  They have thousands of embellishments for scrapbooking and crafts.  I went blind when I was in there with my mother last week looking for little cars for her game that she is making.  (That is another story for another time though).



When I finished with the front of the card, I worked on the inside.  I cut another piece of cardstock to about 1/2" smaller in diameter from each edge of the inside of the card and glued it on.



I made a bead of glue where I wanted to place the ribbon, cutting it at the edge of each row.



Then I glanced up and took a picture of my boy, Matthew, sanding his rocket.  He is making rockets to launch at the school yard.  He and Dad love to launch rockets together.  It sure helps having a art studio (aka living room) in our home.



Of course, I couldn't take a picture of Matthew doing his craft stuff without taking a picture of Sarah doing hers.  She is making a linoleum print block.  Notice the mess she is making next to my card stuff?  Oh well, we were both making a mess. 



Okay, back to my card.  I put ribbon around all 4 edges of the interior.  The only thing I think I did wrong was that I don't think I used heavy enough card stock paper.  The glue has made indentations on the other side.  Next time I should probably try to find heavier card stock.



I wrote a personal message for Reagan on the inside using a Sharpie Ultra-Fine violet marker.  Have you seen their 24 packs?  24 colors.  It is almost as fun as a new box of 64 Crayola Crayons.  I made a bow from the ribbon and glued it to the front of the card.  I love it.  Hope you do too!

Have you made cards before?  I'd love to hear about it.

If you would like to download this pattern, click on the craftbox below for the same pdf that I used to make this card.





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