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Monday, April 19, 2010

A Thread Rack from my Big Bear


I had a problem in my sewing room.  Thread.  Everywhere.  I threw them all into a basket and tripped over it frequently.  I had about 40 spools on a small tabletop thread rack and fell over a number of times as well.  My hubby walked into the sunroom aka my "sewing studio" and said "You really need a thread rack on the wall."  I said "Really?  You think so?  How about you make me one."  I honestly didn't think he would bite on this one, but he did.  It took him over a month working on it in the evenings and on the weekends when he had time, but in a matter of weeks, he had made me a beautiful thread rack.



He used a set of 30 x 40 stretcher bars that I had in my art studio, made a frame, then made a lot of trips to Home Depot for various things until his creation looked like this.



He put a lot of thought into making this thread rack for me, making sure that the pegs were spaced for the largest spools of thread on top and then making 2 rows at the bottom to hold lots of embroidery thread on the smaller spools.  Oh, and he also mounted a rod for holding my ribbons across the top.  He's a great guy.  I think I'll keep him.



After he built it, he painted it the same as the moldings in the sunroom.  I couldn't wait to put my thread and ribbon on the rack.



I have since added about 10 more rolls of thread that I dug out of my drawers and the left over thread I put in a drawer that I cleaned out, but this wonderful rack hangs right behind my chair where I sew so that when I need some thread, all I have to do is turn around and grab what I need.  What could be easier?

When I think of all the things that my Big Bear has done for me in our 18 years together I can't help but smile and count my blessings.  He bought me a very nice sewing machine right after we got married and set me up with all the supplies I needed to make some quilts.  After I had Sarah, I got a lot of use from that machine.  I made crib bumpers and quilts, drapes, and baby clothes galore.  I even sold some of my quilts at the local craft fair.  Then we moved from our small townhouse to a home on 3 acres and he built me a quilting frame.  Then he set me up with a studio to paint.  He knew how much I always wanted to paint and he bought me an easel and paints, brushes and books.  He wanted me to follow my dreams, and I did.

After studying and painting for about 5 years, I began to sell my paintings to collectors around the world, I had exhibitions and won a number of competitions.  Bob has always been my biggest supporter, cheering me on and making sure I had everything I needed.  



So, to my sweetie, I just want to say "Thank you."  Thank you for loving me so much and supporting me through all my hobbies, projects, crafts, and more.  

Isn't this a great thread rack?  It looks great on the wall too.  I love all the colors of the threads against the creamy yellow walls.  Looks like I am going to be doing a lot more sewing now that I've cleaned up my sewing studio.




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