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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh, to Make a Mole


The other day, Sarah came home and said, "Mom, I need your help with a Chemistry project."  That's when I told her she better talk to Dad about that.  She said "No, Mom, I need you.  I need you to teach me how to sew before Friday."  That wasn't going to happen and I even think Sarah knew that.


What could sewing possibly have to do with Chemistry?  Have you ever heard of Mole day?  Neither have I. 


Did you know that October 23rd is the one special day of the year when all good chemists gather together to celebrate the most elemental day of the year? 


And, here's the kicker, there are all kinds of activities associated with Mole day, like eating guacamole and chips for lunch and drinking a toast to Avogadro at 6:02 (am or pm).


One of the most popular activities that Chemistry teachers across our country have their students work on is to make a stuffed Mole and to write a story about it. 


Sometimes, the teachers have their students include science, other elements, or chemistry into their story.


It's weird, especially for a Chemistry project. Sarah had to make a Mole.  She doesn't know how to sew and couldn't sew a straight line if she tried.  So, Sarah did what any good student wanting to get an "A" would do - she asked her mother (that's me) to make her Mole.  She'll supervise of course.


Sarah did a good job of supervising, and I made her Mole.  Her Americium Mole.  And, she wrote a story about her Mole that was really funny.  I think she might just get an "A" on this silly project.


I had fun making her Mole.  We decided to call him Herman.  Monsieur Herman Americium. 


I think he's pretty darn cute.  He absolutely has no sense of fashion, and Sarah will give him to her teacher tomorrow where he'll be in the company of Moles from a lot of students.

I must admit I'm fairly proud of myself for figuring out how to make those plaid pants.

So, do you need the pattern for this silly Mole?  Here you go!  Just click on the sewing machines below for the pattern and the instructions.






Happy Mole Day!



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