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Monday, October 18, 2010

Quilted Holiday Table Runner - Day 4


On Day 3, we finished the center quilt blocks for our table runner.  Let's give it a hand embroidered touch.  Begin by measuring the each side of your blocks.  They should have the same measurement - somewhere between 12" and 12-1/2".  After you have your blocks trimmed and even all the way around, cut 2 pieces of cream fabric - the width of your block (mine was 12") by 5" (I cut 2 pieces of cream fabric 12 x 5 inches).  Lay one piece of cream fabric over a printed pattern of the word "Joy," centering the design; and, lay the other piece over the printed pattern for the word "Peace."  Pin in place and trace with a water-soluable fabric marker onto your cream fabric. 


Place your pattern in an embroidery hoop and pull out 3 strands of embroidery thread.  Thread your needle.  Your ready to embroidery the words "Joy" and "Peace."


If you look closely, you can see my blue marker.  I work from left to right with a chain-stitch.  I think this is called a chain stitch.  


After you complete your embroidery, press each piece and stitch to either end of your blocks with the words facing "out."  Next, stitch your blocks together like you see above.


Cut 3 strips of red-white fabric - 2" x the width of the fabric.


Stitch a 2" section to the end of "Joy," trimming the excess and using it for the other side.


After you have sewn on the red-white border to either end of your runner, sew the remainder of your 2" border to either side. Press. 


Cut 5 strips of cream fabric - 2" x the width of the fabric.  Repeat the process with the red-white border, sewing the cream border to either end and then either side.  When you hold your longest piece of cream fabric up against the longest edge of your table runner, it may not be long enough.  You'll have to piece 2 - 2" sections together.  Place one piece RST with the other piece and draw a diagonal line like you see above (corner to corner).  Sorry it is so faint.  I can barely see that line myself!


This is how I drew the line. 


Stitch the 2 sections together and trim 1/4" from the stitching in the seam allowance.


Like this.


Press and stitch the cream border to either side.  I place the "pieced" border stitching in the middle of either side of the table runner.  That way it doesn't look like you pieced the border because you came up short.


Cut 5 pieces of aqua fabric - 3" x the width of the fabric.  Repeat the process for stitching on the borders.


Piece the aqua border just as you did the cream border.  Line up your angled piecing, pin in place and stitch RST.


When you are finished stitching, the best way to trim the excess is to set your piece down RST with the border and trim off the excess ...


Like this.


When you are done, your Table Runner top is done!


Isn't it beautiful?!!  Tomorrow - onto making the table runner back!!



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