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Monday, November 15, 2010

Crafty Little Clowns Are Fun to Make!


Last Monday, I made a funny little Fleecie Doll for my granddaughter, Reagan.  It was pretty cute and fun to make.  That day, Glen came home from school and handed me an invitation to a classmate's birthday party.  His classmate, Ashley, was having a birthday party at her house on Thursday (it was a school holiday) and he wanted to know if he could go.


So I said "yes," and wondered what we were going to do for a gift.  He saw Little Miss Fleecie that I had made for Reagan and asked if I could make another, but different, for his friend.  I said "Sure, Glen, that sounds like a good idea."


"Do you think she would really like one of these dolls?"  Glen replied "Yeah! I want one too!"



So, in crafty fashion, I got busy, cutting out some 90+ fleece circles of various cool colors and I made this Fleecie clown for Ashley for her birthday.


I have to say, though, that I am not so sure about the face.  There's gotta be a better way to make the face.  I used off-white fleece for the head, embroidery thread for the eyes, nose, and mouth, Sarah's pink blush for the cheeks, and a permanent pink marker for the eyebrows.  


Maybe it's the hair?  The hair was the hardest part of making these dolls.  With Reagan's doll, I used yarn that looks exactly as you see it here, all fuzzy, and I cut about 10-15 strands at a time and hand stitched them onto the head until she had a lot of hair.



With this Fleecie Doll, I wrapped yarn around my fingers, pulled the loops off my hand, and hand stitched them onto the head using the same color thread.  TIP: Definitely use a thimble when stitching on the hair or you will rip the pads of your fingers to shreds.  I know all about it because that is exactly what I started to do until I found my thimble.


Together they look so cute!


They would make a great decoration for a baby's or child's room too, don't you think?



So, Miss Fleecie Clown went on to become Ashley's new friend.  I dropped Glen off at Ashley's house where there were about 70 - 5th graders all running around the back yard and bouncing in those bouncy blow up things you can rent.  Glen placed the wrapped gift on the table with all the others and ran off to play with his classmates.  


I took Sarah to lunch and returned to pick up Glen a couple hours later.  When Sarah and I walked into the back yard, there was Ashley, Fleecie Clown in hand, running around and poking her friends in the face with the doll.  Ashley was smiling and sliding down the blow-up slide, and all the time, Fleecie Clown was in hand and held close to her.  I smiled at Sarah and said, "Do you think she likes that silly clown?"  Sarah said "Ya think?"



Ashley's mother approached me and said "That doll is her favorite gift, I can't thank you enough for making that for her."  That certainly made me happy, not just for the validation that I had made something special for Ashley, but that Ashley loved it so much.  She ran up to me and said "Mrs. Vaughn, thank you for this doll, it's great.  I love it."  With that, I smiled, wished her a happy birthday, thanked her for inviting Glen to her party, and we all drove home feeling good about our day.

Would you like a Fleecie doll of your own?  Well, you have 2 choices here, you can buy the wonderful pattern Vogue V8105 and make it yourself (click on the image below) or, you can go to my e-Boutique and I would be happy to make a custom doll just for you and your special little girl or boy.


I think they would make great Christmas gifts don't you?

Visit my e-Boutique!




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