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Monday, November 08, 2010

Fleece, Fun, and a Bouncy Doll


All this week, I am preparing for my trip to Arkansas to visit my daughter, Kimberly, and her hubby, Zak, and my granddaughter, Reagan.  Reagan is 14 months old and this will be the first time I have seen her in person.  I can't wait to put my lovin' arms around her and kiss her and hug her and spoil her rotten I'll have you know!!! 

We've spent the best part of every week Skyping and talking on the phone, so she knows my voice and knows how ridiculous I look and how silly her Grandma Susan can be at times.  Wait till we're playin' on the floor!!  I can't wait (I think I said that already).

So, today, I began preparing for my trip.  By "preparing" I mean making things for Reagan - like this:


Yep, I made this silly looking doll thing today for Reagan.  It sure is bouncy - just like Reagan.


I started by making paper circles of various sizes and cutting them out of the fleece.


Then I made a pattern for the hands and feet and cut them out too.


I had some Pony beads to put between the fleece circles that will be the body, arms, and legs.


Using heavy duty Coats & Clark waxed thread.  Being that this is the first time I have made such a silly doll, I doubled the thread when I went through the first round of circles and beads for the body, however, just to make sure it would not come apart for any reason, I went through it again with another double set of heavy-duty thread, knotting it a couple of times in the process.  Better safe than sorry.

This is the body by the way!


Of course, if you do go through the circles and beads a second time, go through the center of the beads and out through the top, then taking the thread around to the fleece circle, knot it - and knot it good.


I made these silly fleece feet.  I just drew a basic shoe pattern on paper and cut out 4, stuffing them lightly and then hand sewing the top together after tucking in the top by about 1/4". 


Then I made the legs beginning with the shoes and sewing them onto the first leg circle and then alternating beads and contrasting fleece circles.  By this time, Matthew was taking it from me and bouncing the legs around the room.


Then came the arms, and I attached them to the top of the body.


Then began the dance of this headless pink and blue wonder ...







This pink and blue wonder doll needs a head.


So, I started to make her one.  A rather fat one I might add.


And with a little bit of embroidery thread, some blush, and some fluffy bright pink yarn, on went her head.


I think she looks pretty cute.  I even trimmed her bangs.


She knows how to sit back and relax.


A bit like an alien with funny hair and too much makeup, but I don't think Reagan will mind.



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