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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Little Miss Fleecie All Dressed Up

Yesterday, I made this silly fleecie doll for my granddaughter, and Big Bear, in his usual growling form, said "she looks like she needs more hair and some clothes."  Clothes?  On a doll made of fleece circles and pony beads?  Are you kidding?

Big Bear has taken it upon himself to be my quality control expert from my paintings to my sewing. Funny thing is, I keep his letters and documents in good form.  I suppose that makes us a good team.  Taking his advice into consideration, Little Miss Fleecie went from this ...


to this ...


More hair to cover the bald spots, a fleecie skirt, and ...


Can you see them?  I put 2 bows around 2 pigtails on top of her head. 

Much better don't you think?  Big Bear thought so.  He approves now.



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