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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Wonderful New Studio

SewingRm5515This is my sewing room "Before."  I had the cutting table under the window
and that wasn't good for my Olfa cutting mats.

I've been cleaning up and cleaning out my house.  Getting rid of things we don't need or use and organizing too.  Of course, I started with my sewing studio - aka our sunroom.  One night last week, our neighbor called Big Bear and asked him if he could build him a workbench for his garage.  Big Bear is really good at projects like that and it got me thinking (I think too much if you haven't figured that out yet).  Anyway, I was working in my sewing studio and asked my honey if I could show him something in my studio and get his opinion.

I had a tendency of running into the corner of the cutting table.

Big Bear wandered into my sewing studio and said "what's up sweetie?"  I said, "do you think you might be able to build me a simple cutting table with shelves beneath for storage?"  He said "I might be able to do that.  How about you draw me some plans of what you are thinking about with dimensions too."  I got right to work on it.

This cutting table has served me well all these years.

The cutting table I had been using for 17 years had served its purpose well.  The only problem I have with it, really, is that it sticks out from the wall a little too far and I run into the corners often.  Also, it has legs on hinges that fold out to support the top left and right sections of the tabletop.  There is no storage beneath the table.  And I really need storage space.

As you can see, the cutting table got in the way of the sofa too. 
Oh well, it is a great room for me to sew in and I love it.

So, that was the end of that conversation with Big Bear.  I had showed him some pictures to give him some ideas of what I was thinking of, but only if we could fit the cost into our budget.  We really can't afford anything extra right now, but I have been busy with sewing and crafting projects and selling them too and hoped that maybe we could afford something.  I spend a lot of time in my studio.

Isn't it beautiful?! It's perfect and just the right size too!!

A few days later Big Bear went out to run some errands with Matthew and when he got home hours later he asked me to come outside because he wanted to show me something.  I wandered outside in my pajamas and slippers (I know, but hey, I'm comfortable), and there in the driveway was a beautiful butcher-block table with 3 drawers and 2 shelves for storage.  "Will this work as a cutting table?" Big Bear asked.  "Are you kidding!!  It's Perfect!!"  I couldn't believe it.  Then again, Big Bear has a tendency to do things like this.  He listens, and then the next thing you know, he comes home with a surprise.

Really nice setup, don't you think?  I love the hanging clips under the shelves.

He was thrifty though.  Very thrifty.  He looked online at IKEA and found this Varde table in their kitchen section and was all set to go to IKEA and pick it up.  It sells for 349.00 (before tax) at their store, which really is reasonable.  I mean, this is a great table.  But, because that is a lot of money for us right now, he went on Craig's List and typed in Varde and would you believe some guy in Matthews was selling this very table and throwing in a set of wall shelving too for 275?  Plus, the table was already put together and in good condition. That is where Big Bear and Matthew went several days ago - to pick up this table and the shelving.

The table is no longer in the way of the sofa! Yay!  Now my mother can lay down in the sun filled room in comfort and not worry about hitting
her head on the cutting table.

The only problem was that there was a finish on the butcher block top that wasn't looking so good and Big Bear sanded it off and cleaned up the table top for me.  Then they brought it into my studio and set it up and hung the shelves and I can't believe the difference!

I love it.  I have more room to move around, more storage, and plenty of comfort too.

I am so excited about my studio now.  I had a nice studio before, but it is more functional and organized now.  I love it, and Big Bear gave me a great big bear hug and said "Happy Anniversary Sweetheart."  I sure do love this man.  Thank you so much Honey. 

Everything in its place.  Neat, organized, and comfortable.

So, for the last few days, I have cleaned up and cleaned out my sewing studio, getting ready for the new year of projects, crafts, quilts, dolls, and more.  I am really proud of the way the room looks now and will be able to use the new Varde table to stand behind when I make crafting and sewing videos for the Her Channel!  I'm all set now.

Now that I moved the little wood table under the thread rack, I have more room
and a place to put my craft books too!

Thanks for stopping by my studio!  I'm anxious to begin creating more fun projects, sharing tutorials with you, making craft videos and more.  It's going to be a fun year.

Happy Crafting!



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