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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A Laptop Sleeve For My MacBook

Today I was productive.  I've been procrastinating making my own laptop sleeve because I didn't have a pattern (not that I needed one really) and after looking around the web for the right instructions (because I don't have confidence in myself to do these things without instructions) I finally gave in to my will to do it and I made the dang thing.

I sometimes get turned around in my head when it comes to putting in zippers and linings and padding, and yet, I did it all in less than 90 minutes. Go figure.


First step was measuring my laptop.  I wrapped my tape around the long side and took the measurement. 32 1/4"


Then I measured the short side. 22 1/2" (I have a 17" MacBook Pro).


After taking the measurements, I wanted to be sure I had some room inside the sleeve.  I'm not very impressed with the laptop sleeves you can buy retail.  They are awfully tight and difficult to manage.  That's another reason why I wanted to make my own.  I picked this cotton fabric from my stash for the lining. 

I wanted my sleeve to have the folded edge at the bottom and stitched at the sides because I wanted the sleeve to insert from the short side, not the top.  So, I folded the fabric and after dividing the measurements in half (16 1/8" x 11 1/4") I added 2 inches to each measurement (18 1/8" x 13 1/4") and this would be my final cutting dimensions.  I cut out a piece of lining fabric (18 1/8" x 13 1/4") and a piece of fabric from my exterior fabric with the same dimensions.


I didn't take pictures of the entire process because I was still unsure of myself and I wanted to make one all the way through before I take pictures and post the instructions here for you to make your own!  I added the zipper having cut it to 1 1/2" past each edge.  I also left a little bit of an opening (about 1") on the sides just under the zipper for easier access.


I love it!  I like the red plaid on the inside and the floral on the outside.  I also really like the textured, somewhat quilted looking upholstery fabric.  I purchased a remnant from Hancock Fabrics.  The remnants are great for making handbags and laptop sleeves!


And my laptop fits perfectly. 


It looks so cozy in there, don't you think?  I purchased some auto interior foam from Hancock too for the padding.  Perfect.  Just a note: if you ever make your own laptop sleeve, do NOT use fleece as the lining or padding!  It sets off an electrical charge that could screw up your computer.


Isn't it pretty?


After I finished I thought I should at least take a picture of the padding I used inside the laptop sleeve.  You can usually find this at your fabric store (not quilt shops).  It is an automotive foam, mid-weight, that they put in ceilings of cars or something like that.  Works for me.


I hope you like my laptop sleeve!  I was thinking of selling these in my e-boutique.  Can you give me an idea of what you would pay for a nice sleeve like this? 



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