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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Garden Market - In Progress


In addition to several commissions that I have been working on for a few of my collectors, I have been working on a painting of my own that I may or may not sell (I haven't decided yet).  I'm calling it  "The Garden Market."  


As an artist who doesn't paint in plein air all that much (painting outside in the open air), I need excellent reference images - images that are professional, no flash, and excellent, natural lighting.  One of my favorite photographers who I have the honor of working with is Photographer Patrick Schneider. His photography is outstanding and captures the emotion within each photograph he takes.  His images are natural, full of life and energy, and always make me smile. 


It's my hope that my paintings will have the same affect on viewers.  Because I don't get out much and paint mostly in my home studio, having a photographer in my back pocket that has opened up a plethora of images for my reference in consideration for promoting his work on each painting I create from one of his images - that is a very special relationship indeed.


The image that I am using as a reference for this painting was taken a number of years ago in South Carolina, and I've just been waiting for the time when I knew I could sink my teeth into this painting.  It is a good size -  24 x 36. 


I sketched it out in charcoal last year, but this week, I jumped right in and started the painting.  Actually, this is the first painting in a long time that I am truly enjoying the process and the subject matter. 


From what I understand, the 2 boys in the image are brothers, who were hanging out at a local garden market.  The older boy is holding squash.  They look like they are enjoying their time at the garden market.  I love images like this!



As you can see throughout this post, I've been busy.  I wanted to start on the right - working towards the left side of the painting, because I wanted to get in there and work on the boys, since they are really the subject of the painting.  As you can see, Sarah was working on her own painting in the background.  She enjoys hanging out with me in the studio and I love having her there!


This is my palette.  I have a glass top over a piece of tan canvas and then I have my paints organized from light on the left to dark on the right with Titanium White in the center with my mixtures.  As you can also see, I keep my oil paints in jelly jars.  They keep my paints fresh longer and I don't have to mess with nasty tubes and waste paint.  At the end of my day in the studio, I put the paint that is not compromised by other colors back in their jelly jar, then I put the mixed paint colors on a disposable palette and place it in the freezer until the next time I paint.  It preserves the paint longer.

My Big Bear built me this nice palette table setup about 10 years ago and I love it.  I turn on my iPod music and paint for hours.

I'll update you all with my progress as I work on it!

Hope you like my painting! Well, at least up to this point anyway.






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