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Friday, August 01, 2014

Three Cowballeros


Painting cows.  There is something beautiful about the animal, something peaceful about seeing them grazing in large open fields.  This leads me to have fallen in love with a photo taken in the UK of 3 Dairy Shorthorn cows grazing on the Robinson farm.  I learned that son, Jason Robinson, took this picture one day on his farm, and they were very happy that I wanted to paint the cows on their farm.



I feel connected to the country landscape - to cattle, horses, old houses and barns, vegetable stands, children, and more.  All those things that remind me of my childhood and growing up in the country, like chasing fireflies, and listening to the crickets sing loudly each night in the summer.  Or, catching butterflies in the neighboring fields as they land on the dandelions.



So, when I take a picture, or find a picture, that reminds me of these experiences, I have a strong desire to interpret those feelings onto canvas.



Meet "Three Cowballeros."  16x40 Oil on Canvas.  

Available HERE




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