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Monday, October 30, 2017

Country Living and 12 Easy DIY Baby Gifts!


I like to check my stats.  If you have a blog, that's the fun part, especially if you haven't been blogging in a while - my bad.  But since I'm back in the swing of the saddle at my desktop again, and blogging like a pro again, I can honestly say I was surprised to see my post from 2010 of a plush stackable toy I made for my granddaughter, Reagan, shared twice in the last two days.  Yesterday it was shared on "All Women's Talk" Blog "37 Fabric Crafts that You'll Love Sew Much!" and ...



Today, it was Countryliving.com giving the glory to that little stackable toy that I made and embroidered for Reagan.



Thank you to Kelly O'Sullivan for the feature!  I hope your readers will enjoy the post and understand the complexities involved in making a gusset and this toy for their grandchildren!



For my original post click on the image above or this link: Donuts, Flowers, Ribbons and Curls





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