Monday, October 22, 2018

Red Easel Master's Palette

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I worked hard to design and create an artist's palette that was comfortable, ergonomically correct, and would not get paint on my arm and clothes.  I am really proud of this palette and its design.  When I hold it,  it is lightweight, comfortable, and doesn't get in my way when I paint.  It curves around the bend of my arm so I don't get paint on my arm and clothes.  I have plenty of room for my palette of paints and for mixing and also for attaching a medium cup. 

I love the fact that it rests on my arm comfortably, is balanced, and I can rest it on my hip too.

See for yourself why the Red Easel Master's Palette is comfortable, classic, and won't get paint on your clothes!  Just click on the images below for a larger view.




I am making the palette out of 1/4" Baltic Birch that is 5 layers thick to the 1/4" sheet of wood.  I am preparing the thumb hole so that it is beveled for the comfort of the thumb that will be holding it.  So, if you order one, be sure and email me telling me which hand will be holding the palette.



Pretty cool design don't you think?  Here are the dimensions:






I am calling it the "Red Easel Master's Palette" after my Fine Art company "Red Easel, LLC."  


And I am offering it for sale right here on Red Easel and Vaughn Fine Art to all my favorite artists. 

It is a great value at 139.95. 

Just consider this - it is entirely handmade!  On my Deck!  In North Carolina!

If you would like a Red Easel Master's Palette of your own, just email me at [email protected] and I'll get right on it.  I've even provided a shopping cart button below to make your purchase easy. 

Now ... I'm gonna paint!


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