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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wall-e is fun for the whole family

Walle We decided to spend this afternoon having some fun with the kids, so we all packed into our Suburban and headed to the Regal movies at Stonecrest on Rea Road in Charlotte.  I particularly like this theater because it is clean and the seating is very comfortable and more spacious than a lot of other theaters.  Also, you have a place to put your drink and the armrests are cushioned too.  There is also knee room so if anyone has to get by you to go to the restroom, you don't have to stand up or turn sideways.  I really hate having to do that.  Also, the seating is at a distinct angle so that you don't have to watch the movie over someone's head, making it comfortable to sit anywhere and not feel like you are compromising your view of the movie.  So, if you come to Charlotte, or you live here, check out the Regal theater sometime in the Stonecrest Shopping Center, you'll enjoy it.

Walle2 Okay, enough about Stonecrest, now I'd like to tell you about the movie.  Wall-e was fun and funny.  About this little robot who turns the earth's garbage into crushed squares, spits them out, and builds towers with them.  In other words, the earth becomes filled with towers of garbage.  Then he is surprised by a visitor from outer-space - Eve, and they become friends.  The communication in this movie is excellent, because it is mostly done thru interaction and actions not words and you can feel every emotion and understand what is being communicated. That is extremely creative and our children were very engaged in the active dialog between Eve and Wall-e throughout the entire movie. 

About 2/3rds of the way thru the movie I realized that whoever created Wall-e was ingenious.  They took one of the oldest stories known to man - Noah's Ark - and created this futuristic story, combining concerns over the environment and what we are doing to our earth.  Pretty cool, don't you think?   I thought so.  The ark in this movie is this Space Ship kinda like Carnival cruise lines of space that has been touring the universe for over 700 years waiting for the opportunity to return to earth with all its occupants.  So, the captain sends these complex robots to earth (Eve) to see if there is any sign of life.  If so, Eve is supposed to return to the Space Ship with the sign of life, give it to the Captain, and he will then take steps to return all the occupants of the ship to earth so that they can resume life as it should be - on earth. 

Walleandeve Very much like Noah releasing the dove to find a branch, a plant, a sign of life, so that he would know it is safe to leave the ark, this movie takes you thru that adventure with fun, humor, love, excitement, and more.  If you enjoy family movies, you will enjoy this one. 

I also left feeling more connected to the environment.  We all have to do our part to protect our earth by recycling and being more "green" in our way of life if we are going to protect the earth for our children and future generations. 

Hope you enjoy the movie!  I sure did.  We even purchased the Wall-e Wii game today and the kids are sitting in our family room right now having fun - I suppose turning garbage into nice little square blocks. Heck - I don't know!  I haven't seen the game yet, I'm sitting in here writing this! 


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