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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fur Flyin' Love Fest

DSC_0304.jpg by you.

Oh, how I love my dogs.  They are so entertaining.  Who needs television and all that bad news if you can watch the fur fly when a German Shepherd and a Malti-tzu puppy play. 

DSC_0302.jpg by you.

Adolf and Hannah absolutely love each other.  They kiss and smooch and growl and lick...

DSC_0301.jpg by you.

And they play and cuddle and smooch some more...

DSC_0300.jpg by you.

Adolf especially enjoys every opportunity to get Hannah in a head-lock.

DSC_0298.jpg by you.

And then Hannah will try the same thing.  She thinks she is a big dog like Adolf.

DSC_0297.jpg by you.

And then they'll cuddle some more.

DSC_0295.jpg by you.

"What-ya lookin' at?  This is supposed to be a private moment, mom.  Get lost."

 DSC_0293.jpg by you.

Oh, excuse me.  You two look so cute together.


DSC_0292.jpg by you.

I love to photograph blossoming love.  Oh, how they love each other.

DSC_0265.jpg by you.
Actually, they are both pretty good about posing for pictures.

DSC_0268.jpg by you.

Again, Hannah will plant a kiss on Adolf when he least expects it.

DSC_0272.jpg by you.

Then again, maybe he does expect it from her.  He knows her well.

DSC_0273.jpg by you.

Then they look at me again to see if I'm getting this.  "Yes dears, I am getting this."

DSC_0274.jpg by you.

Oh No!  It's another head-lock!

DSC_0279.jpg by you.
"Awww, Hannah don't!  That tickles!  hee hee haa haa hoo hoo" slobber slobber

DSC_0281.jpg by you.

"Here girly, right back at ya"

DSC_0275.jpg by you.

"Listen carefully, when I say "GO," you sit up and we will both sing as loud as we can and scare mom off that couch, okay?"  "Okay"


DSC_0276.jpg by you.

"You are my Sunshine, My Only Sunshine, You Make Me Hap-peee When Skies are Gray

You'll Never Know Dear, How muuuuch I Love You, Please Don't Take My Sunshine Aw-ayyyyy" 

Sing it again with me....

Don't you just love to be in the presence of true love?

Now Smile.....


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