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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Theme? Do I Need A Theme?

WeddingtonNC2.jpg by you.

My husband wanted to talk last night.  It was 2:30 in the morning and he wanted to talk.  And not just about anything of great importance, necessarily, at least not to me at that time of the morning, but, he wanted to talk about "themes."    My theme.  My theme for this Raisin Toast blog thingy I've got goin' on here.

Texas_0846.jpg by you.

He was concerned that I didn't have 50,000 readers a day and 20,000 comments for every post and that if I had a "theme" for the blog, I would garner more readership.

Tennessee_1049.jpg by you.

Now, in my educated opinion, I need a theme like I need this nice Tennessee ladie's burger, fries, yogurt, and soda while sitting on I-40 East 2 weeks ago, or whenever that was.

NewMexico_0768.jpg by you.

Maggie Mae doesn't think I need a theme.  In fact, she'll argue the point.  If I have a theme, I might not be able to post these lovely pictures of her giving me crap about my driving.

DSC_0723.jpg by you.

Or pictures of Alison thinking "What the hell am I doing moving clear across the country and driving with this crazy woman?"

DSC_0653.jpg by you.

Or how about this...who else do you know takes her camera everywhere and takes pictures of New Mexico natives?  Her outfit matches the decor of the Walmart bank very nicely don't you think?  She was a very nice lady by the way.

DSC_0649.jpg by you.

Or pictures of little girls with their hands sneaking into the ATM machine?

DSC_0551.jpg by you.

Or magnificent cloud formations at 30,000 feet?  

DSC_0170.jpg by you.

I love pink flamingos, don't you? 


DSC_0177.jpg by you.

But boy do I love hoppin' bands.  So, when Bob told me I needed a theme, I fell asleep thinking.  "Huh?  I don't want a theme!  I'm a rebel, a disorganized mash of marshmallows, a  blend of cake and ice cream, a  junk drawer of ideas!  I can't have a theme, that would destroy my identity!

Maxine91108.jpg by you.

Of course, I like funny.  I like serious.  I like normal.  I like chaos.  I like pets.  I like to drive you crazy with a post like this.

Hannah getting a bath2 by you.

And a face like this. 

DSC_0064Blurtool+QuickEdgeBurn by you.

Or better yet, how about a face like this?  Now who wouldn't want to share that smile with the world?

SillyBobatBigDogs.jpg by you.

This is my life.  The good, the not so good, the ridiculous.  This is my theme - my life.  My children.  My pets.  My suburban housewife mentality and laundry and dirty dishes and a Big Bear that is the best cuddle ever.

DSC_0062 by you.

I have a 14 year old daughter who I am extremely proud of.

Kathleenage25-2.jpg by you.

A 29 year old daughter that I worry about.

KimandZakfallpicture by you.

And a 27 year old daughter that I miss so much my heart aches to hug her and talk to her.

Matthew Playing Army by you.

I have a son who makes me laugh and smile - constantly.

P1000569 by you.

And a grandson who amazes me regularly.

Mominchair5 by you.

I have a mother who has lived with us for 10 years and who has been visiting my brother's in Florida for the last 3 months.  I miss her - even her daily griping.

Beth1.jpg by you.

I have friends like Beth, who can sing and cook - at the same time!

AlisonandSusan5.jpg by you.

And friends like Alison who I love like a sister and who I would take into my home on a moment's notice.  Oh, and let there be no doubt - I would do it for Beth too! 

Julianna Willoughby by you.

And I paint and want to share with you the things I find beautiful.

Bruce by you.

And isn't Bruce a cutie too?  He's a local horse that makes me want to jump on him and ride him thru town.

So, no, this Raisin Toast blog thingy has no theme.  It is my life.  I don't have a life on a ranch with cattle, wild mustangs, and lodges being built like Ree Drummond.  I don't use risky language and talk trash like Heather Armstrong of Dooce.   But I talk about the things I love and the people that surround me.  I share with you what's on my mind.   And although my life may not be as interesting as others or as risky as some, it is my life and I'm proud of the life I've made in this world. 

I hope you enjoy reading my stories.  They don't have a theme, but in their own way, that is my theme - a bit like my life - chaotic.

Still, what is your opinion?  I appreciate hearing from my readers and would love to know what you think of my blog.  Do I need a theme?  Like Ree Drummond?  Do I need to talk more trashy to garner your attention? (Lordy, I hope not!) Do I need to have a purpose for everything I post?  Or am I doomed for the sludge pile of blogs? 

Let me know your thoughts.


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