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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wind In My Hair and Bugs In My Teeth Pt. 1


So, what do you do on a Sunday afternoon when the weather is perfect?  We go riding.  Not bicycle riding.  Not horseback riding.  Not 4-wheeling.  We go bikin' - on our Harleys.  Unfortunately, I sold my V-Rod 2 years ago because my eyesight is not that great anymore, and, well, I was not throwing my leg over my Harley enough to justify having a 20,000 dollar hunk-a-burnin-love sitting idle in the garage. 


Yesterday, however, I would have loved to have had my V-Rod instead of riding on the back of Big Bear's Road King.  The good thing about riding on the back of Big Bear's bike, though, was that I was able to video parts of the ride and take lots of pictures! 


And, we didn't go riding alone.  No-sir-ee, we went cruisin' around town with a couple of Bob's friends from his past career at Avaya. 


This is Greg.  Unemployed.  Lookin' for work.  New father.  Riding a Triumph.  What's with that anyway, Greg?  "And, Greg - fix that brake light before someone creams you from behind."


This is Tom and his lady - Wendy.  Tom is Unemployed.  Lookin' for work.  Rides a Harley.  "Nice bike you have there, Tom."


As we were cruisin' down the road, through the countryside, into South Carolina, enjoying the fresh air, I realized that there are a lot of people in this State that are short on brains.


What's wrong with this picture?  Anyone?  Got a clue? 


How about these happy folks on their crotch rocket?  What's wrong with this picture?  No, this is not a trick question either.  Does she look comfortable?  Does he look happy?  What is she holding onto? huh? huh?


Now, this guy has brains.  And, he wants to keep them too.  He must live in North Carolina.


We continued to enjoy the sites, the sounds, and watch the people of South Carolina fish for their dinner.


Yep, this was a pretty place.  Occasionally loud with the roar of Harley pipes screaming by my left ear, but otherwise, very nice.  I think I'll paint this picture. 


I thought this little boy was adorable.  Here he was, out with his father - fishing.  He knew how to handle that fishing pole like a pro. 



Now, don't these people look as though they are enjoying their Sunday afternoon on the lake?  I might just paint this picture too.  But, first, who do you think was having more fun?  These nice South Carolinians boating on the lake or ...


These nice folks, my Big Bear included, hangin' out at the Flamingo on the lake.  Note - the bikers with helmets value their brains and their life and are the ones wearing the helmets. 


This biker babe, however, enjoys the wind in her hair so much that she must have just forgot to put on her helmet when she left home.  Ya think?  Nice bike.  Nice whitewalls too.


The beautiful bikes were lined up like dominoes.  They were out by the hundreds this Sunday afternoon.


Even the trees were starting to bloom.  It was a gorgeous day and I was thoroughly enjoying spending the day with my Big Bear.


We were having a fun day together.  Big hamburgers, lots of french fries and onion rings and sweet tea.  We live in the South - gotta have our sweet tea. 


Tom ws enjoying his cigar and posing for the camera.  Ha ha.  Ha ha.  Oh, Tom - you are so funny.  Are you sure you'll be able to drive that bike goin' home?  Maybe you're just getting too much sun?  Ya think?  This must be what people do who are unemployed.


Yeah, that's the ticket.  The unemployed go ridin' on Sundays, hang out at South Carolina bars called "The Flamingo," smoke cigars, and drink sweet tea.  And beer. 


But we didn't drink the beer.  My Big Bear is a smart guy.  He won't drink and drive - ever.  I knew there was a reason I loved him so much.  He wore his helmet too.  Gotta protect the family jewels - the ones on top especially.


Now these are my kind of chaps.  Yeah, yeah, I like the chaps over at Ree's place too, but I love these the most.  They make you look hot no matter how big your butt.


Maybe I need to slow down.  


Now here's a real live rebel.  Rebel?  You out there reading this?  These are the kind of rebels we have around our parts.


Hello nice people.  I promise we won't kick up any dust around your bike.  Promise.  Tommy Lee?  Ya hear me now?  I promise I won't get near it. 



All in all, we had a great day.  We had a lot of laughs.  We had a lot of sweet tea.  We had to go to the bathroom.  Are we home yet?  My back is killing me, I've gotta go potty, and my butt is numb. But dang did I ever have fun.  Part 2 will be the video if I can figure out how to edit it. 


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