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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beautiful Days - in Bed



I almost didn't post anything today, but then I thought "What the goober" I'm going to write something.  That's because I am sitting in my bed looking out the window at an absolutely gorgeous day that I can't seem to enjoy.  Why, you ask?  Because I've been laid up sick as a dog all week with the flu.  It's been nasty.  Kathleen and I seem to be having the hardest time shaking this illness and we both look like walking, moaning, miserable, sniffling, coughing, droopy, disgusting creatures.  Kathleen really needs to find some other activity than Twitter.  Every few seconds, I get a twitterific pop up.  Her latest tweet ...

"Ok, I've buried myself in tissues, time to come up for air and clean up a little."  Ya think she'll come to my room and clean up my mountain of tissues while she's at it?  Probably not.  Her's are gross enough.

Every time I blow my nose I get this horrible stinging and burning all the way up my nasal passages to my brain.  It hurts like hell.  Like brain freeze when you eat ice cream too fast only worse.  I'm afraid I'm going to blow a blood vessel in my brain if I keep this up.

So that's it folks.  I know this is a lame post, but I'm feelin' pretty lame right at the moment.  And I do wish that Kathleen would stop twittering so much because I keep getting those stinkin' pop ups on my computer screen. 

"Kathleen - Twitter is not meant for blogging." 

By the way, I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you all about Kathleen's new blog - Charlo |Trunk.  She never thought she'd be a blogger, but she is such a great writer I convinced her otherwise.  I'm glad I did.  She is funny and very articulate.  I hope you will stop by her blog and leave her a comment.  She will be happy as a peach to read them.


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