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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Friday Night - Movie Night

Friday night is movie night at our house.  Every Friday, we all huddle up in the family room and enjoy a movie together.  Last night was no different and we took in the movie Marley & Me.  We loved it, and of course, being the schmucks that we are, we all cried at the end.  The only disappointment is that the last dog that portrayed Marley didn't look anything like the other dogs.  The producers did a fairly good job of creating believability until the last dog.  But it didn't matter all that much - well maybe it did a little - but we all still cried.  Plus, Jennifer Aniston's character never changed her hairstyle, Owen Wilson never changed his hair either, and although Marley was a puppy just before they had their first child, the oldest child in the movie was about 8 I suppose when Marley died.  In other words, it just didn't all fit together that well.  Oh well, the kids enjoyed it.  We all did.  And, we always enjoy "Friday night movie night" no matter what's playin' on our big screen.

I've even got the book "Marley & Me" on my nighttable right now.  I'm a reader if you haven't figured that one out yet. 

Just to keep things interesting around here, I found an interesting quiz that I thought you might enjoy if you're a movie buff like we are.

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