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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Opportunity Knocks


Yep, Big Bear is on the road again to Maryland, another 9 hour drive - but this time he isn't carrying a casket in the back.  Nope, he's going on an interview - a very promising opportunity, and he is looking forward to having the conversation.


Thank you Tim!  My dear friend, Tim (not the guy pictured with my Big Bear), is the man who put Bob in touch with a friend about a job opportunity that was right up Bob's alley.  It is a perfect fit and Bob is the man for the job. 


After 9 months of unemployment and no opportunities that panned out, Bob has continued to hold his head high and have faith that the right opportunity would come along in God's time, not his, not mine, but God's time.  We have always had faith that God would provide and lead us in the right direction.  He always has.  The waiting has been tough, but Bob has made it a full-time job looking for work, in between mowing the lawn and tilling up the gardens, putting in drainage, cleaning out the garage, cleaning his home office, caring for his mother, riding his motorcycle, kissing me, and keeping our kids on a short leash.


We make a good team, Big Bear and I.  We rely on each other to be strong, communicate, and throw in a few hugs here and there.  For instance, take this suit shopping we did the other day.  My Big Bear is a big man.  He even growls and chases me around the house on occasion.  He could not shop for new suits without me.  I'm his right-hand woman.  I'm his pal.  I'm his partner in arms.  I'm the eyes in the back of his head.


When we lived in Maryland, finding a good suit for Bob was tough.  There wasn't much of a selection for a man his size.  He's built like a linebacker - a really big guy.  So, when we moved to South Charlotte, the first thing we did was find a place for Bob to do all of his clothes shopping, and we found that place.  Esquire Big & Tall in Charlotte.  It is family owned and operated by the entire family - Mom, Dad, and Son.  They make a great team too, and they know how to fit a suit very well. 


As a matter of fact, Esquire suits up most all of the Carolina Panthers.  Heck, even I enjoy shopping with my Big Bear at Esquire.  I love their selection, and their suits are first rate.


Jason, the owner's son, helped out my man, and got him suited up well.  Knowing that Bob needed a suit for his interview on Tuesday, he made sure that he had one ready to go by the next day.  That's service if you ask me. 


All in all, Big Bear walked out with 3 beautiful suits, a pair of jeans, ties, suspenders, socks, and a smile.  I helped him pick everything out and enjoyed critiquing the way the suit looked and what alterations should be made.  I'm good like that.  I want my man to look good, dangnammit, and I'm picky about his suits.


The one problem he seems to have, though, is with his pants.  Given about 5 minutes, they are riding down and slacking off.  I told him I wanted him to start wearing suspenders like Larry King and I thought he'd look dang good with them on.  I think suspenders look sharp, and since I think Bob is a sharp looking man, he should have himself some snazzy suspenders.


They aren't as fancy as Larry King's, but they looked good.  And, the best part of all - they hold up his pants.  No more slacking off. 


We went back yesterday and picked up his suit, but not before we made a few last minute adjustments.  Joe, the tailor, is good like that, and does a very good job tailoring suits to fit perfect. 


In the end, Big Bear looked sharp.  He looked ready to take on the world.  He looked ready to take on this interview. 


So - let's all wish him a little luck on a wing and a prayer, and hope that this job is the perfect fit, kinda like those pants.

UPDATE: Tuesday, June 2, 2009:

The interview went very well and lasted several hours.  He hit it off with the hiring manager and a VP within the company.  I think we have a good opportunity here, but only time will tell.  Next steps?  Don't know yet, but he is on his way home and will take care of everything else from this end.  Thank you all for your prayers and support!  Let's hope this opportunity materializes! 


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