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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Bit of Heart & Soul on the Homefront


Sunday was a great day.  Big Bear turned 50 and he can no longer call me his "old lady."  Yep, I'm 6 weeks older than Bob.  Big deal.  My gpa was higher than his when we graduated from high school too.  ha ha.  Okay, time to get back to the music ... 


Our neighbor, Pat, is a musician - and a dang good one too - and he and his wife, Janet, are also our friends.  We invited them over to celebrate this wondrous event.  Yes "wondrous" because he has reached the top of the mountain so to speak and everything from here on out is all down hill.  Suddenly seeing the other side of the mountain (if we are so blessed to experience a long and healthy life) is not so glorious.


Pat is a wonderful musician, and he was really impressed with Sarah's "Waterfall" composition.  Nobody at the party could believe that she wrote the piece herself.  But, "yep" she sure did.  We're all proud of her.  Pat immediately sat down with Sarah and said let's play "Heart & Soul" and he proceeded to show her what he wanted her to play and then he would improvise on his end of the keyboard.   Pretty cool, eh?


Sarah loved it, and Pat was definitely in his element.  The next time he has a gig around these parts, I'm going to tote my video camera with me and you can see for yourself.  Talk about great music!


They started banging out some tunes together on the piano and it was great. 


We were all greatly entertained.  Thanks Pat!  Thanks Sarah!


But you see, I wasn't thinking clearly when they were entertaining us all at Big Bear's Birthday Bash.  Nope, I was mesmerized by the music, and so, I was taking pictures instead of video taping the entertainment. 


I did finally snap out of it, but unfortunately it was in the final 15 minutes of the musical heroics, so, once I grabbed my video camera, I only got a little more than a minute of entertainment before Pat jumped up.  I think the video camera intimidated him a bit.  They messed up at the end.  What a laugh.  But what great fun it was.  So, I am going to give you that minute of entertainment at the end of the evening right here ...

Enjoy ...

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