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Friday, June 12, 2009

Click click Here, Click click There


This is my good friend, Liz.  Her hair is a bit of a mess, but she drove to Atlanta and back to Charlotte on Sunday and by the time she got to our house for Bob's Birthday party she was tired.  Still beautiful, but tired.  She didn't want me taking her picture.  She smiled for this one though.


And this one.


But not for this one.  I had to chase her down with the camera.  "Susan! Stop taking my picture!"


I snuck (is that a word? snuck, sneaked?) in a picture of Liz here ...


And Liz talking to our friend and neighbor, Dan, here ...


But, uh, "Susan Stop it!  Stop taking my picture!"  Of course, everyone knows that you can't come to our home without running smack-dab into my camera.  Sorry, but those are the rules.


Here ya go - a great picture of Liz with her beautiful daughter, Ashley, who just graduated from high school and begins college in September at the University of Georgia.  She is one smart gal!


Liz is so proud


And so is Big Bear (no looking at our unfinished kitchen.  I need another 12 years to finish these cabinets)


And Sarah is proud of her friend, Ashley, too. "You Go Girl!"


And me too!  I am very proud of Ashley!  She graduated with a 3.8 gpa and worked hard for it too! 


I handed the camera over to someone (can't remember who - must be short-term memory loss) and got a picture with Liz.  And you wanna know something weird - we all just turned 50.  Liz turned 50 on April 20th, I turned 50 on April 27th, and Bob turned 50 last Sunday.  He's such a baby.


Of course, once the camera is back in my hands ... "Stop it! Susan! Enough already!"  Did I hear someone say something?  Liz?  Did you want to eat in peace? 


Now here's a willing picture-taking-participant.  He's 9.

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