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Friday, June 26, 2009

Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make A Change


Michael Jackson |MTV Music

Man in the Mirror

AN UNPRECEDENTED PHENOMENON HAS OCCURRED ACROSS AMERICA!!! Apparently thousands of 40-60 year olds have been admitted to hospitals from coast to coast in Cardiac Arrest due to a night long dance tribute to Michael Jackson.  We can't seem to get enough and the memories are flooding back as if our youth was a floodgate of music and dance moves.

Michael Jackson |MTV Music

The Way You Make Me Feel

Our sympathy is hugely resulting from Michael Jackson withdraw syndrome for the past 20 years. Our feet don't move like they used to. Damn.  Our backs don't sway like they used to. Ouch.  Our butts are bigger, our waists are wider, our moves are missing.  But dang, we still have the rhythm.  Let me tell ya baby, we still have the rhythm.  We are having some difficulty pulling off that moon walk though.  I couldn't do it in my teens either.

Michael Jackson |MTV Music

You Rock My World

I was a Michael Jackson aficionado.  A 70s Disco Queen.  When he stopped singin' I stopped movin' and that's been my downfall for the past 20 years.  He slowed down and so did thousands of 40-60 somethings around the world.  We're toast.  Especially now.

Michael Jackson |MTV Music

You Are Not Alone

Why?  Because if you're like me, you've been up all friggin' night watching every single Michael Jackson Video ever made.  Our bodies are swaying to the music and bobbin' to the bumps.  Our feet are tappin' to the beat.  Our hands are slappin' our thighs and our hips.  Our necks are jerkin' to the left and then to the right.  We know disco baby.  Yeah, we know the moves.  And let me tell ya, I had some great moves in my day, and after tonight I think I still have 'em.

Michael Jackson |MTV Music


And so, to mark this very sad farewell to the King of Pop, I've picked my butt up off this couch and started dancing around my family room to the shock and amazement of my children.  My Big Bear is still poured into his recliner, but then again, he never did have the moves.  Nope.  He doesn't have rhythm I'm sorry to say.  But oh boy ... Have I Ever Got the Moves ... (Remember Tim?) I'm on the floor doin' the Thriller.  What did they call that dance?  Anyway, I'm doin' it.  Right now. 

Michael Jackson |MTV Music

Billie Jean

So, get your butt off the couch, put on your dancing shoes, and ... Dance ... Billie Jean won't care.

Michael Jackson |MTV Music

Beat It

You gotta beat it across the floor.  Sweep your feet back and look down.  Just don't bother grabbing your crotch.  Naaah.  Michael can get away with it, but I'm not sure any of us can.

Michael Jackson |MTV Music


And when you're dancin' to Michael Jackson songs, you feel "bad" man, really "bad" - especially if you're out of shape.  Suddenly I feel a rush of heat going to my head like I'm flushed from all the physical activity.  My children's mouths are hanging open wondering "who is this woman and where did she come from?"

Michael Jackson |MTV Music

Smooth Criminal

Just cock your hat to your nose, turn around real fast on your toes.  Yeah baby, you are one hot mama or papa - or grandma or grandpa.

Michael Jackson |MTV Music

Rock With You

I want to Rock With You.  Are you dancin' yet?  I mean really now.  Just turn on the video, get your butt out of the chair, and think about those days when you were really cool.  Sexy.  Crazy.  In shape.  Flirty and Fun.

Michael Jackson |MTV Music

Another Part of Me

Of course, you can collapse now and call 911.  Because every American who grew up with Michael Jackson needs resuscitation - I know I do.

Michael Jackson |MTV Music

Don't Stop Till You Get Enough

My body has had enough, but my feet are still movin'.  What's with that anyway?  I'll bet that's why so many people suffer from restless feet syndrome.  They grew up in an era of Michael Jackson videos and music and their feet haven't stopped movin' since the 70s.  They're permanently stuck on the disco floor.

Michael Jackson |MTV Music

Remember the Time

"Honey, I need 3 Advil, a back rub, a foot rub, a neck rub, an ice pack, and a heating pad.  I was not ready for Michael Jackson's demise ...

Were you?"

Michael Jackson |MTV Music

Black or White

For me, having grown up loving all of his music from the Jackson Five's ABC, and every song in his professional career, Michael will be sorely missed for his music, his humanitarian efforts, his artistry, his charisma, and those dance steps that seem to defy gravity.  He was a creative genius and I believe overall a good person.

Michael Jackson |MTV Music

Heal the World

Last, but definitely not least, and probably one of the most important songs of his career - Heal the World. I think Michael carried the weight of the world's woes on his shoulders. He was a delicate spirit and a fragile soul. All the good he did in this world far outweighed whatever bad he may have been accused of. I'm not sure I believe some of the accusations. He was different, yes, but that didn't make him a bad person by any means. He will be remembered here for all the good he did, all the joy he brought to this world through his music and creative genius. I hope that all who knew him through his music, and all who knew him - will love him, remember him for all the good he did in this world, and pray that he is at peace and with the angels in heaven just dancing from cloud to cloud.

By the way, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below - What were your favorite Michael Jackson memories? Your favorite songs?

My top favorites are: Heal the World, Man in the Mirror, and Black & White. I hope you have enjoyed some of the videos. I know I have.

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