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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Accomplishments Feel So Grand


We are very proud of our girl!
Sarah has been invited to
Queen's University
to perform her "Waterfall" composition
in a winter concert at the University
on November 21st.  

The second half of the concert will include
a performance by
Jazz pianist and recording artist Claire Ritter
Boston Percussionist Takaaki Masuko

How exciting! 

More information about the time and location on
the University campus will be forthcoming.
Cost will be $10.00 at the door. 
Hope you can make it to this
wonderful performance in
beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina!

And, more good news ...

I received an email from the author of
"TypePad for Dummies"
which is being published in
February 2010
that my blog "Raisin Toast"
will be pictured and mentioned in her chapter
"Top 10 TypePad blogs!"

How great is that!

In the event you haven't heard Sarah's
beautiful composition ...


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