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Monday, November 09, 2009

Basketball Can Be a Painful Sport


Bob and Matthew cleaned off the driveway and moved the basketball court around and naturally, after pumping up the basketballs, we all wanted to show our basketball prowess.  We were having a fun time when I decided to run after Matthew I went down hard.  Suddenly, my head, my eye, and my teeth were in contact with the pavement.  It was not a pleasant experience.  As a matter of fact, it was horrible.



Fortunately, I did not black out.  Unfortunately, I did a real number on my knees.



And my face.

And my teeth.  I broke my front lateral tooth and nearly knocked out my front tooth - which is now loose.



There is more good news I'll have you know - our dentist lives right next door.  Literally.  Bob ran over to his house and he came over immediately. 

He told me to put ice on my eye and head, which I did, and to disinfect my knees, which I did, and he looked at my teeth.  He said that I shouldn't worry about the chipped tooth, but that for the next 4 days - 2 weeks I need to eat soft foods and not to touch that tooth.  We'll know in about 10 days if the nerve of my front tooth was affected. 

Seems to me that just the other day I wrote a post - "Could my life get more complicated."  Well, duh.

I didn't feel it was bad enough to go to the hospital.  But just think of this - we don't have health insurance.  Nothing.  This could have been a whole lot worse.  Remind me again that I'm not a kid and shouldn't be running around with a basketball.  Obviously I didn't get the message the first time.  I have to admit, though, we were all having a fun time playing basketball until my head and knees hit the pavement. 

I suppose tonight I'll count my blessings rather than my injuries.

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