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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Could My Life Get More Complicated?


Well, I'm sure it could get a lot more complicated, but I'm not going to think about that right now.  For anyone who thinks I don't do much by being a stay-at-home mom - think again.  This week alone I have been so busy I have completely neglected my laundry and now it looks like Mount Rushmore at the entrance to my laundry room.  Not good.  I know what I am going to be doing this weekend.  I bet you can't guess.

The good news is that "Red Easel" is done.  Well, most of it anyway.  The design is now in stone.  I've put Photoshop through the ringer.  Have I told you how I would be completely useless without Photoshop?  It's true.  It seems like everything in my life revolves in some way around Photoshop - from web design to reference images for my paintings to photographing my artwork to creating business cards - Photoshop's the "bomb" man.  Even my brother sends me photos of himself to Photoshop - like removing pimples and whitening his teeth.  Too funny.  I really should charge for this service don't you think?

Anyway, Red Easel is my site for visual artists.  I launched it in 2007, then took a hiatus called "Raisin Toast" then got a lot of slack from my Big Bear for putting Red Easel on the back burner and finally took the time to redesign the site and relaunch it.  I did that this week and I am proud of the result. 

I still have some work to do on the site, but overall, it's lookin' really nice, thanks to Photoshop and TypePad that is.

I've also been working on those "Red Easel Master Palettes" all week too.  The sanding, staining, sanding, staining, sanding, lacquering, sanding, and lacquering has given my right arm a workout.  The rest of me is falling apart, but my right arm seems to be in ripe good shape.

The weather has been magnificent.  Sunny, cool, breezy, ... what's the name of that ad on television? Now I'm going to be thinking about that all day instead of doing what I'm supposed to be doing, and although laundry should be on my "to do" list - it isn't.  Naturally, I'll think of that "sunny, breezy, sleezy" ad at 3am.

I've got a lot to do today, not laundry (just trying to get the message across to my Big Bear) ... so I'm going to sign off for now - before my life gets more complicated. 


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