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Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween, Spooky Nights, and Funny Faces


It was a spooky night last night.  The moon was full, the clouds were blowing by, and we could hear goblins in the dark just waiting to get their hands into our candy.



But first, a goblin had to show up.  His name is Ryan, and he is a goblin of Sarah's.  Oh, I mean a friend.  Or a goblin.  Whatever floats your boat.



Ryan came over and enjoyed pizza and coca cola with the rest of the goblins in our family.  He made lots of faces and scared off the spooky spirits that might be floating around our house.



Like the spooky spirit that was making Sarah make this nasty face at me.



This is a plastic pumpkin.  We were too lazy to go pumpkin picking (and too broke if you really want to know) and we didn't want the mess from carving out all the pumpkin guts.  So, we parked this plastic pumpkin in our front window.



And then all the goblins lined up in front of the fireplace for a photo-op.


Halloween 2003

Seems to me like the little goblins did that in 2003 too.



Even Adolf wanted to get in on the action.  He said "Dare me why don't ya - I'll take off your head if you goblins mess with me."  Yeah, Adolf - you tell 'em!



They were a scary bunch.  The neighborhood will never be the same.



And neither will our tractor.  Big Bear drove them around the neighborhood and you'll never guess what happened ... The tractor broke down and the Wicked Witch of the North had to go and save them in her carriage (aka 2005 Suburban). 



We put torches around the front of the house and waited for the neighborhood spooks to show up at the door for free candy.  Lotsa free candy.



And we waited ...


And we waited ...



And we waited.  But only 2 little spooks showed up.  So, when our goblins got home we gave them a bunch of candy - I mean a whole bunch.  They made out like the bandits that they are.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun halloween!



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