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Monday, December 07, 2009

Sarah Entertains at Queens University!


On November 21st, Sarah entertained the masses with her beautiful composition "Waterfall" with a few revisions to fit into the 4 minute time slot she had to perform.

Jazz Pianist and Composer, Claire Ritter, together with artist Takaaki Masuko from Boston on Percussion and Drums and Toni Naples on Accordion, were the master performers at this concert, playing original compositions inspired by the Outer Banks Crystal Coast to 1000 islands in Canada.

There were 9 student performers, and each performed their own composition inspired by the Spirit of Water. 

The concert took place at Queens University, in the Suzanne Little Recital Hall.  

In addition, Big Bear, Matthew, and I helped in the preparations for the concert.  Big Bear and Matthew set up the backdrop for the video inspired by water.  Big Bear helped to create the video and slide show during intermission, and I took care of the video from the back of the recital hall.  It was fun!  But not nearly as much fun as watching our little girl perform her own beautiful composition, Waterfall, to a grand applause.

I have made 2 videos, this video shares with you only Sarah's performance.  The other video, which will be posted later today to my Vimeo account, will include the entire concert for your enjoyment.

Hope you enjoyed Sarah's performance!


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