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Thursday, April 08, 2010

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?


I had a meeting last week with a professional in marketing and advertising, Marcia Merrill of Red Rover Communications.  I have so many things on my plate that I suppose I need someone in the business to help me find focus.  I had communicated with her via email a number of times and as she said, "you have so many things going I can understand why it would be difficult for any of them to find traction"  I realized that I really did need to sit down and have a conversation with her.

Big Bear said he would drive.  We hop in the Suburban and we are on our way down the road when he decides to interrogate me before this meeting.  

BB: So, let's discuss the conversation with Marcia before we get there.  

Me: I just want quiet.  Let's not.

BB: You need to have a plan.  For instance, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Me:  You're kidding right?  Bob, I don't want to talk right now.  Let's just enjoy the ride over - quietly.  

BB: Fine.  ... and then he proceeded to turn on the radio.  Thank goodness.

We met up with Marcia at Dean & DeLuca in Charlotte.  She was great, we had a donut and coffee and a very nice conversation about my goals, aspirations, and focus.  "focus?"  What's that?  I needed a definition.  (Just kidding!!!)  

She asked me about my artwork, about Red Easel, about Raisin Toast, about my Red Easel Master's Palettes, about my sewing and quilting, about homeschooling the children, about why I don't drink, and why I don't color my hair.  Okay, well, maybe she didn't ask all of those things, but she was probably thinking them nonetheless.  Then she dropped a bomb on my head - "So, what do you want to be when you grow up?"  I froze.  I don't wanna grow up!  Who said anything about growing up?!  I like being scatterbrained!  I enjoy having multiple tasks on my plate!  I prefer random bursts of focus on different projects!  That's how my brain works - so get over it!  Not.

I couldn't help but wonder - did she and Big Bear have a secret conversation before this meeting?  Were they in cahoots?  Or was it just that my Big Bear knew the ins and outs of these conversations and was more prepared than I was?  I think it was the latter.  He knew what to expect.  I didn't.  There - I admitted it.  Are ya-all happy now? hee haw.  

We had a lot of laughs and a very good conversation.  I learned a lot from her in that short time we met, and towards the end of the meeting I asked her if she would be my Mommy.  Really.  I really did ask her that.  She laughed.  Well, heck, I thought it was funny.

So what did I learn from this conversation with Marcia?  Well, let's see - I need to decide what takes precedent for my business focus. In other words, I need to decide what I want to focus most on - my artwork, my sewing, my personal blog, my professional blog, my palette?  All of the above?  I have way too much creative energy.  She said I was my own little Martha Stewart empire but without the money and the employees to run with every idea that pops out of my head.  I am an "idea" person.  I've always got too many ideas and not enough time and energy to make them all possible.  Martha is fortunate.  She just has to have the idea and then she can hand it over to someone else to make it happen.  Or better yet, she probably has an entire slew of people who come up with great ideas in addition to her own.  

That's it.  I want to be Martha Stewart when I grow up.  Question answered.


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