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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Never Give Up On Your Dreams - A Secretariat Story


On Friday, October 8th, a remarkable true story will be shown in theaters everywhere - Disney's "Secretariat."  The story will take you on a journey with owner Penny Chenery (Diane Lane) as she overcomes great odds and unlikely successes to earn the respect of her peers in the male-dominated horse-racing industry by taking "Big Red," better known as "Secretariat," on his own journey to be the greatest racehorse of all time and the first Triple Crown winner in over a quarter of a century in the year 1973.

This movie was as exciting as watching the real Secretariat win the 1973 Kentucky Derby! My entire family were on the edge of their seats as if each race was happening for the first time.  Disney's story of how Penny changed the face of horse racing and raised the incredible Secretariat is a fantastic story of family, loss, courage, determination, and faith, and will leave you breathless.  It is about one woman's determination to learn the ropes, climb the ranks, and never lose hope despite many in the industry and in her own family who were sure that she would fail.

I was so happy when BlogHer and Disney offered me and my family the opportunity to see a pre-viewing of "Secretariat."  Being the movie buffs that we are, there are few movies that I would claim to be a "winner," but this one is just that. You will leave the movie inspired with your adrenaline flying high with pride and excitement.  Disney did it again with a great movie for the entire family.

You can learn more about Secretariat by visiting the official website  or by visiting Disney's official site.  Check out the Secretariate Facebook Page, and follow the story on Twitter as well

Now for a funny story from my childhood - a story involving this great horse.  My parents are from Kentucky, and every year we would watch the Kentucky Derby on television.  My father and I were the most avid watchers of the derby and every year we would make a chocolate cupcake bet.  You see, Dad and I would each choose the horse that we thought would win the derby, and if by chance, our horse won, the other had to serve the winner chocolate cupcakes with milk after dinner for a week.  I chose "Secretariat."  I recall my dad looking at me with this lopsided gaze and saying "No way that horse is going to win!"  My dad always chose the horse with the greatest odds.  He did ask me why I chose Secretariat, and I told him it was because I liked his name.  He sounded like a winner.  So, with no further ado, I thought I would share with you that 1973 Kentucky Derby that I watched with my father:

My father was not happy.  Me? I was ecstatic and the first words out of my mouth were "Where are my cupcakes?!!"  Every night for a week my dad served me up 2 chocolate cupcakes with a glass of ice cold milk.  One night, however, we were out of cupcakes and he said "you're not gonna make me run 12 miles up the road to the grocery store for those cupcakes are you?"  - "Yep."  He got them for me of course, and I never forgot what an exciting time that was and how special it was to share it with my father - cupcakes and all.

On October 8th, pack up your family and head to the theater to see the story of the greatest horse of all time and the story of the lady who made it all possible.


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