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Sunday, July 10, 2022

The Sun is Still Rising

The sun is still rising,
the wind is still blowing,
and out here in the wild,
you are growing.

And there might be days
where you might struggle to feel it’s true,
and you might struggle to trust
that here in the wilderness,
there is more ahead of you,
But I promise you:
as sure as the ground
is beneath your feet
and as sure as the morning air
holds space for you to breathe:
you are still becoming
who you were meant to be.

And remember that “becoming”
will feel like a process—
a process taking place in new territory
that will feel unknown to you.
But at the same time, this is true:
you have known unknowns before.
You have known what it means
to not know what next
and yet still, here you are:
slowly waking up
and returning to what you know:

The sun is still rising,
The wind is still blowing,
And out here, in the wild,
You are growing.
Morgan Harper Nichols

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